Odisha Board Class 6 English A Special School Question Answers Solution

A Special School Question Answers Odisha Board Class 6 English

Odisha State Board Class 6 English all Question Answers for A Special School. Here we have provided all questions Solution by Expert English Sir for OSEPA Class 6 A Special School Question Answers Odia.

A Special School Class 6 English Odisha Board

Board Odisha State Board
Class 6th
Subject English
Part Test – 1
Lesson 06
Topic Question Answers Solution



A Special School



Comprehension Questions:

1.) The writer talks about three places in this part of the lesson. What are they?

Answer: The writer talks about Tamilnadu, MuduMalai and Karagudi.


2.) What makes Tamilnadu beautiful?

Answer: Tamilnadu has beautiful mountain ranges and valleys. Inside these mountain ranges, there are many rivers. Some of these rivers flow through the valleys. This all things make beautiful.


3.) What is Mudumalai?

Answer: MuduMalai is a mountain range.


4.) Where is Karagudi?

Answer: Karagudi is a plain land at the feet of the MuduMalai range.


5.) What makes Karagudi beautiful?

Answer: Karagudi has thick forests and there is a river which flows across it. These things make Karagudi beautiful.



Comprehension Questions:


1.) What are these paragraphs about?

Answer: These paragraphs are about special school of the elephants.


2.) Why is this school special?

Answer: This school is special because it is for baby elephants.


3.) Who are the students?

Answer: Baby elephants are the students.


4.) Who are the teachers?

Answer: Elephant trainers are the teachers.


5.) Do they have a timetable like us? How do they follow it?

Answer: Yes, they have a timetable like us. They learn, play and eat according to the timetable.


6.) What do they learn?

Answer:  The baby elephants learn some words. Also they learn how to salute, how to perform puja in a temple.


7.) What do they learn to perform puja?

Answer: To perform puja, they learn how to ring the bell of the temple and also learn to offer flowers to God.



Comprehension Questions:


1.) What is paragraph 5 about? (what they learn or how they learn)

Answer: Paragraph 5 is about how the baby elephants learn and trained.


2.) Where does every lessons start from?

Answer: Their every lessons start from food.


3.) What are elephants fond of ?

Answer: Elephants are fond of banana and sugarcane.


4.) What does the baby elephant do when the trainer raises a sugarcane?

Answer: The baby elephant raises its head to eat the sugarcane when the trainer raises a sugarcane.


5.) Then what does the trainer say?

Answer: The trainer says ‘salam.’


6) What is given to the baby elephants if they follow the instructions?

Answer: The baby elephants are praised and given food if they follow the instructions.


7.) If they don’t follow they are punished.


8.) What is paragraph 6 about?

Answer: Paragraph 6 is about the demand of the Karagudi elephants in various fields.


9.) Who needs Karagudi trained elephants?

Answer: The circus people need Karagudi trained elephants.


10.) What do the trained elephants do in the circus?

Answer: The trained elephants salute, ride bicycle and dance to music in the circus.


11.) What is the name of the film in which an elephant has played an important role?

Answer: “Hathi MeraSathi” is the film in which an elephant has played an important role.



2.) Comprehension Activities:


(a) Summarizing

Teacher draws the following diagram on the blackboard and fills with information given below by students.

A Special School

Para 1 –Tamilnadu


Para 2 –MuduMalai and Karagudi


Para 3-Special school


Para 4 –Learn what


Para 5 –Learn how


Para 6-Elephants in demand


Session 4

(b) MCQs: Choose the correct options and fill in the blanks.


1.) The special school at Karagudi is forelephants.

(A) tigers

(B) elephants

(C) lions

(D) mokeys


2.) Trainers teach the elephants usingsugarcane.

(A) mango

(B) orange

(C) sugarcane

(D) sweets


3.) When the trainers saysjo-jo, the elephants come out of water.

(A) salam

(B) ho-ho

(C) jo-jo

(D) bho-bho


4.) Trained elephants cannotclimb trees.

(A) climb trees

(B) pull huge logs of wood

(C) work in circus

(D) act in films


(b) In English there are some words with ‘ee’, ‘ea’, or ‘oo’, ‘ie’ in their spelling. We take long time to speak them out. Given below are some such words. Your teacher will say these words one after another. Repeat after him/her. Then add some more words to the list.


ee oo ea ie
Green Fool Teacher Piece
Need Food Eat Belief
Feet School Seat Relief
Teeth Book Heat Pie
Sleep Tool Dream Grief
Deep Foot Cream Lie
Bee Wool Cheap Pie
Seen Poor Bean Thief
Seed Room Lead Tie
Teen Cook Read Dried


5.) Vocabulary:

(a) Read paragraph-1 of the lesson and watch the following words. There is another word inside in each of them. The words are underlined. State Forest Mountain Clear

Now read paragraph-3 and find words inside words in the list below.

1.) Teach- tea, each

2.) Because- Cause

3.) Children-Child

4.) There- The

5.) Training- Train, Raining

6.) Understand- Under, stand

7.) Sugarcane- Sugar, cane


(c) Some words from your lesson are described below. Figures in brackets show paragraph number in the text. Find the words and write them in the blanks.


1.) Students go there for the study- School


2.) Teacher of elephants- Elephant trainer


3.) An elephant does it by rasing its trunk-Salam


4.) A place of worship-Temple


5.) A big animal with a trunk- Elephant


6.) Children are sometimes and sometimes like this- Naughty


7.) A large are covered with trees-Valleys


8.) Work schedule- Timetable


9.) A tall plant with sweet stem- Sugarcane


6) Usage:

Rewrite the following sentences using “how to” in place of “how…….should.’ One is done for you.

(i) Elephants are taught how they should salute.

Answer: Elephants are taught how to salute.


(ii) A trained elephant knows how he should act in films.

Answer: A trained elephant knows how to act in films.


(iii) A pilot is trained how he should fly an aeroplane.

Answer: A trained pilot knows how to fly an aeroplane.


(iv) A fisherman knows how he should fish in a deep river.

Answer: A fisherman knows how to fish in a deep river.


(v) A doctor has learnt how he should treat serious patients.

Answer: A doctor has learnt how to treat serious patients.


(vi) Baby elephants are taught how they should play tricks in circus.

Answer: Baby elephants are taught how to play tricks in circus.


7.) Writing:

(a) See the diagram and do the following activities.


(i) Karagudi is in MuduMalai.

(ii) MuduMalai is in Tamilnadu.

(iii) Tamilnadu is in South India.

(iv) South India is in India.


Now write beginning with India.

(i) Inside India is South India.

(ii) Inside South India is Tamilnadu.

(iii) Inside Tamilnadu is MuduMalai.

(iv) Inside MuduMalai is Karagudi.


(b) Answer the following questions in one sentence each.


(i) Why is the school called a special school?

Answer: The school is called a special school because it is for the baby elephants.


(ii) Who are the students there?

Answer: Baby elephants are the students there.


(iii) Who teaches there?

Answer: Elephant trainers teach there.


(iv) Where is the school?

Answer: The school is in Karagudi.


(v) Where is Karagudi?

Answer: Karagudi is in MuduMalai.


(vi) How do elephants salute?

Answer: Elephants salute by raising its head.


(viii) How do elephants perform pooja?

Answer: Elephants perform pooja by ringing the bell of the temple and offering flowers to God.


(ix) What do elephants learn to do for circus?

Answer: Elephants learn to salute, ride bicycle and dance to music for circus.


(c) Answer the following questions.


(i)Write 5 sentences about the school.

Answer: There is a special school in Karagudi. It is for baby elephants. The elephant trainers teach them. The school has timetable and the baby elephants learn, play and eat according to the timetable. The baby elephants are just like children, sometimes good and sometimes naughty.


(ii) What do elephants learn in special school?

Answer: Baby elephants learn some words in the special school. They come out of water, when the trainer say ‘jo-jo.’ They also learn how to salute and perform pooja in a temple. They learn how to ring the bell of the temple and offer flowers to God.


(iii) Write how the baby elephants learn at the special school.

Answer: The baby elephants learn mainly through instructions, praises and punishment. Their learning starts from food. They are fond of banana and sugarcane. The trainer raises a piece of sugarcane over the head of a baby elephant. The baby elephant raises its head to eat the sugarcane. At this time the trainer says ‘salam.’In this way the baby elephant learns to raise its head when the trainer says ‘salam’ without giving sugarcane. The baby elephants are praised and given food when they act according to instructions and if they don’t, they are punished.


9.) Let us think:

Animals are born free. But everywhere they are in chains. Man is cruel to them. Why?

Answer: Many times man has troubled animals. He kills animals for his selfish purpose. Every living being has right to live its life. Maninterfers in the lives of the animals and disturbs them.





SGP- 1

Comprehension Questions:

1.) Who is the paragraph about?

Answer: The paragraph is about an elephant called Mahagiri. It is about the work done by it.


2.) Where was Mahagiri trained?

Answer: Mahagiri was trained at a special school.


3.) Who bought it?

Answer: A merchant bought it.


4.) How did the merchant make a lot of money?

Answer: The merchant made a lot of money by putting Mahagiri to work.


5.) Mahagiri did four kinds of work. They are:

(i) It was often sent to the forest to carry heavy logs of wood.

(ii) It carried people from one place to another.

(iii) It carried a bridegroom to the bride’s house.

(iv) It was also sent to a famous temple in a village nearby to lead the festival procession.


SGP- 2

Comprehension Questions:

1.) What are these paragraphs about?

Answer: These paragraphs are about the celebration of temple festival and the need of Mahagiri to fix the flagpole.


2.) What did the villagers want to do?

Answer: The villagers wanted the elephant to fix the flagpole in the ground.


3.) What did they have but what did not…..?

Answer: They had the flag but they didn’t have flagpole.


4.) Who carried the flag pole?

Answer: Mahagiri carried the flagpole.


5.) What did they want Mahagiri do next?

Answer: They wanted Mahagiri to help fix the flagpole in the ground.


SGP- 3

Comprehension Questions:


1.) Did Mahagiri fix the pole?

Answer: First, Mahagiri didn’t fix the pole.


2.) Why were the villagers angry?

Answer: The villagers were angry because mahout shouted at it for not putting the flagpole in the hole and this made the villagers made angry.


3.) What did they do?

Answer: They became frightened and ran away for their lives


4.) What did Mahagiri bring out?

Answer: Mahagiri brought the kitten out.


6.) What did they give to Mahagiri?

Answer: The villagers gave sweets and fruits to Mahagiri.



1.) Writing:

(a) Write answers to the following questions.


(i) Who is Mahagiri?

Answer: Mahagiri was a big elephant. It was kind and helpful animal.


(ii) Who carried the flagpole for the villagers?

Answer: Mahagiri carried the flagpole for the villagers.


(iii) Why did Mahagiri not fix the pole first time?

Answer: Mahagiri didn’t fix the pole first time because he had seen a kitten hiding in the hole.


(iv) How did Mahagiri pick up the kitten?

Answer: Mahagiri put his long trunk into the hole and gently picked up the kitten.


(ii) One villager narrates the incident to man from another village. Read and fill in thegaps.

To celebrate our festival,we wanted to fix the flagpole.We wanted Mahagiri to do this. But he did not fix the flagpole.The villagers were angry. They shouted at mahout. Mahagiri was angry.He threw off the flagpole at the mahout. He also threw off the mahout. They all ran away out of fear. Do you know what Mahagiri did next? He pulled out a kittenfrom the hole.What a kind elephant!

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