Non-Finite Verb Forms Class 10 English Grammar Odisha Board Solution

Non-Finite Verb Forms Class 10 English Grammar Odisha Board Solution

Non-Finite Verb Forms Class 10 English Grammar Odisha Board Solution Activity Question Answers by Grammar Sir here in this page. Odisha Board 10th Class English Grammar Non-Finite Verb Forms Exercise Questions and Answers, Notes BSE Odisha.

Learn and Practice Grammar Class 10 English BSE Odisha Questions Answers have total 9 Activities. Here students of Board of Secondary Education, Odisha Class 10 can solve all their doubts in each questions and prepare for exams.




Activity – 1


Underline the non-finite verbs in the following sentences :


(a) He has been answering questions.

Answer: Answering


(b) They must have finished doing their homework.

Answer: Finished


(c) She may have been helped by her brother.

Answer: Helped


(d) You should have been studying English Grammar more thoroughly.

Answer: Studying


(e) The film must have been screened by now.

Answer: Screened


Activity – 2

Break the following sentences into two simple sentences each.


(a) I want my friend to get the medal.

Answer: His is my friend. I want him to get the medal


(b) She helped me do the exercise.

Answer: She helped me. She did the exercise.


(c) I hate telling lies.

Answer: I hate lies. I hate telling them.


(d) I expect to write a story by tomorrow.

Answer: I expect to write. I should write a story by tomorrow.


(e) I expect you to write a story by tomorrow.

Answer: I expect you to write a story. I expect you to write by tomorrow.


(f) Our teacher made us write the story.

Answer:  Our teacher made us write. She made us write the story.


Activity – 3

What are the functions of the non-finite verbs clauses in the following sentences ?

[The functions are : subject, object, complement, adjunct ]


(a) She plans to buy some presents for her sister.

Answer: Object


(b) Don’t allow others to get into the room.

Answer: Object


(c) He killed a snake to save the child.

Answer: Adjunct


(d) I heard her sing a song.

Answer: Complement


(e) To find fault with others is easy.

Answer: Subject


(f) He is to go abroad next month.

Answer: Object


Activity – 4

Complete the following sentences by adding a non-finite clause using the words given in the brackets.


(a) They made me to do it. (I / do / it)


(b) The gardener won’t let to touch the flowers. (they / touch / the flowers)


(c) We heard the beggar cursing the rude boys. (the beggar / curse / the rude boys)


(d) The clerk doesn’t allow anyone to see the files. (anyone / see / the files)


(e) Please remind him to write the letter. (he / write / the letter)


Activity – 5

Complete the following sentences using the non-finite verbs given in brackets. Some of these non-finite verbs may go with a noun phrase of your choice.


(a) The teacher doesn’t let to make (make) a noise in the class.


(b) I would like to meet (meet) my uncle.


(c) Hot weather makes to feel (feel) uncomfortable.


(d) Please remind to phone (phone) Ashok tomorrow.


(e) The film was very sad. It made to cry (cry).


(f) Lata’s parents have always encouraged to study (study).


(g) He would like to come (come) to the party.


Activity – 6

Fill in the blanks with to + verb, f + verb, or verb–ing.


(a) I enjoy playing (play) on the river bank.


(b) Where do you want to go (go) ?


(c) I learnt swimming (swim) when I was eight years old.


(d) I am trying to study (study). Please stop talking (talk).


(e) I don’t mind travelling (travel) by bus but I prefer to travel (travel) by train.


(f) She would not let me to read (read) the letter.


(g) Good bye. I hope to see (see) you soon.


Activity – 7

Fill in the blanks with to + verb or f + verb, using the verbs given in the list. Select the appropriate ones.

[ climb, do, go, cry, clean, come, walk, laugh, sleep, hear ]


(a) He is very funny, He makes me laugh.


(b) Please stay with me. I don’t want you togo.


(c) Do you want to go on a bicycle ? No, let’s walk.


(d) Don’t wake up tomorrow morning. Let me sleep for some more time.


(e) I helped my brother to clean his room.


(f) Talk quietly. I don’t want anybody tohear us.


(g) We persuaded our teacher tocome with us.


(h) I saw him climbing over the wall.


Activity – 8

Read the following sentences and the hints are given in the brackets. Write another sentence with a related meaning using the hints given. The first one has been done as an example.


(a) Please don’t tell anyone that I have been punished.

(I / not / want / anyone / know)

Answer: I don’t want anyone to know about it.


(b) I was sure that Ashok would help me.

(I / had / asked / him / help me)

Answer: I had asked him to help me.


(c) “Don’t touch that wire”, the man said to me.

(man / told / not / touch)

Answer:The man told me not to touch that wire.


(d) My father said that I could use his watch.

(Father / allow / use / his watch)

Answer: Father allowed to use his watch.


(e) He told me that it would be good if I told the police about this accident.

(He / advise / report / to the police)

Answer: He advised me to report to the police.


(f) There is a football match between Mohan Bagan and East Bengal.

(You / want / East Bengal / win ?)

Answer: Do you want East Bengal to win?


Activity – 9

Put the verb given in brackets in the proper form, by using + verb, f + verb or verb–ing, whichever is appropriate.


(a) When you see Mr. Dash, remember to give him my regards. (give)


(b) I hateto repeat what I have heard about you. (repeat)


(c) I prefer being alone. (be)


(d) I prefer to remain silent in this case. (remain)


(e) I hate telling lies. (tell)


(f) Don’t forget to post the letter. (post)


(g) Can you ever forget to post that important letter without any postage on it ? (post)

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