Nitrogen – Learn all details regarding Nitrogen in Periodic Table i.e. Atomic Mass, Number, Physical, Chemical properties, Electronic configuration, Valency, Chemical reaction, Uses


Nitrogen is inert gas .78% of nitrogen present in earth atmosphere . It is a non metallic element . In air diatomic form of nitrogen (N 2 ) is present. It is also found in soil and plant

Discovery : In 1772 the chemist and physician scientist Daniel Rutherford and Antoine lavoisier discover nitrogen in air by removing all the oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Origin of name : Jean Antoine chaptal give name nitrogen in 1799 The name is derived from the word of nitron and gene. Meaning of this word is nitrene forming compound

Physical properties :

1) Atomic symbol : Nitrogen is represented by the symbol of N

2) Atomic number : Nitrogen show 7 atomic number (7 proton and 7 electron is present in nitrogen atom )

3) Atomic weight : Atomic weight of nitrogen is 14.007 In nitrogen 7 proton and 7 neutron is present. The sum of 7 proton and 7 neutron is 14 . Hence atomic weight of nitrogen is 14

4) Nature : nitrogen is found in gaseous state

5) Colour : nitrogen is a colourless gas

6) Taste : it is tasteless

7) Odour : it is odourless gas

8) Position : It is placed in 15 th column and 2 ndrow It is also known as 15 thgroup element

9) Block : it is placed in a p. Block

It’s outer electron present in p orbit

10) Melting point : melting point of nitrogen is 2100C

11) Boiling point : boiling point of nitrogen is 1950C

12) Isotopes : Nitrogen show 15 isotopes .

In which 15N is stable isotope.

13N is non stable isotope . It is also radio active isotopes

Chemical properties :

1) Electronic configuration : Nitrogen show electronic configuration is 1S 22S 22P3 Electronic configuration in concert of shell is 2,3

2) Electronic structure :

2 electron present in k shell and 5 electron present in L shell

3)Valency : Nitrogen show 3 valency It have 3 valence electrons require to complete octate

3) Atomic radius : atomic radius of nitrogen is 65 pm

4) Chemical reaction : 1) Nitrogen is mainly use to make ammonia 2) It is also use to make amino acids . 3) DNA is made up from amino acids 4) The main constituents to make chlorophyll is nitrogen

Uses :

1) Nitrogen gas is mainly use in stainless steel industries. 2) It is use in pharmaceutical industries

3) It is use to make ammonia

4) It is widely applicable in metal industries for welding , soldering

5) Nitrogen gas is use as a preservative agent for food by food spoiling

6) It is use in agriculture . It is use to make fertilizer


Question and Answer:

Q1. Define Nitrogen

Q2. Who discovered Nitrogen?

Q2. Physical properties of Nitrogen

Q4. Write Atomic Symbol of Nitrogen.

Q5. Write the Atomic number of Nitrogen.

Q6. On which block Nitrogen element is present?

Q7. What is the color of Nitrogen?

Q8. What is the Boiling point of Nitrogen?

Q9. What is the Melting point of Nitrogen?

Q10. Write the Isotopes of Nitrogen.

Q11. Show Electronic configuration of Nitrogen.

Q12. Write Electronic Structure of Nitrogen.

Q13. What is the Valency of Nitrogen?

Q14. Write the uses of Nitrogen element.

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