NIOS Class 10 Science & Technology Chapter 32 Solution – Health and Hygiene

NIOS Class 10 Science & Technology Chapter 32 Solution – Health and Hygiene

NIOS Class 10 Science & Technology Solution Chapter 32 Health and Hygiene. NIOS Class 10 Science & Technology Chapter 32 Question Answers Download PDF. NIOS Class 10 Science Notes.

NIOS Class 10 Science & Technology Chapter 32 Solution



10th  (Secondary)


Science and Technology (212)

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1) Why do we need to be healthy? List any three reasons.

Ans: –There is a popular statement that health is wealth in other word the fitness or remain healthy also necessary for the living happy life.

2) State the definition of health given by WHO.

Ans: – Health included with the complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and absence of disease.

3) List the three different dimensions of health.

Ans: – Physical, mental and social aspect is the three different dimensions of health.

4) How is hygiene related to health?

Ans: – Hygiene is very necessary for the good health as unhygienic food makes the body healthy as well as mental satisfaction.

5) Identify any one healthy habit. How will you motivate your younger brother/sister to practise this habit?

Ans: – Exercise is one of the good habits which we must follow for the better health and we should suggest this to our family members also.

6) You have prepared lunch early in the morning at 9 A.M. and it will be servedat 1.00 P.M. List any two precautions you will take to store it.

Ans: – The necessary thing which should be done is food should be preserved in a coolant with the cover must.

7)Suggest any two ways by which you along with your elders can maintain ahealthy environment at home.

Ans: – Regular exercise and healthy diet which must be followed foe the maintain the healthy environment at home.

8) Tick (√) the situations given below which in your opinion are correct

(i) It was 11.30 pm. Raju was celebrating his birthday. There was loud music.His neighbour Tinku had a Mathematics exam the next day and was notable to concentrate. He went to Raju and explained the situation but Rajudid not pay any attention. Then, Tinku called the police. They came andstopped the music; the party was spoiled but it was a necessary step. (√)

(ii) Rohan believes that taking drugs once or twice is not harmful. (×)

(iii) Ashu copied some answers from her friend’s sheet during the examination.But later she felt very guilty and confided in her parents. Her friends saidthat she was a fool to speak the truth. (×)

(iv) Its fun driving at a very high speed and gives a lot of thrill. There isnothing wrong in doing so if road has no traffic. (×)

(v) People should not be allowed to burst loud crackers especially late atnight even if it curtails fun and enjoyment. (√)

(vi) Just when you were ready to leave for a movie, you found that your bikeis punctured. In your frustration you kicked the dog sleeping nearby tovent your manger. It calmed you down. Later your regretted your action. (×)


1) List some of the activities that are undertaken by the government and localorganizations to maintain public health.

Ans: – The steps that government should take is

  • Removal of garbage
  • supply of clean drinking water
  • fumigation

2) Sanmina’s family members are expert house keepers. The bathrooms are as clean as the bedrooms and the kitchen. But when Samina steps out, foul odourirritates her nostrils; her feet sink in garbage piles and pot holes. Neither thelocal government authorities nor anyone in Samna’s neighbourhood seems to care. She is very sad and wants to do something to change this situation. Taking cue from the ‘Bhagidari initiative’ launched by the Government of Delhi, please provide three suggestions to Samina to enable her to make her neighbourhood clean.

Ans: – Discussions with neighbour for association between healthy population and clean environment. And therefore, the need to neighbourhood clean; forming peer groups and distribution of hand billsto educate people around that.


1)Why is Filariasis also called Elephantiasis?

Ans: – Human legs become the leg like elephant after this Filariasis disease.

2)How will you identify a TB patient? List any four symptoms.

Ans: – The symptoms of tv are

  • Persistent low-grade fever
  • blood in sputum
  • cough
  • weight loss etc.

3) Complete the table given below:

Ans: –

Mode of transmission Diseases
Droplet infection TB
Bite of Infected Aide’s mosquito Filariasis
Contaminated water Amboise’s
Female anopheles’ mosquito Malaria

 4)Complete the table.

Ans: –

Preventive action Name of the diseases that are prevented
Use of mosquito net, malaria
Sanitary condition and proper

disposal of human excreta

BCG vaccine Influenza
 Cover your cough, sneeze Tuberculosis


1) Mention the six killer diseases that are targeted in primary immunization.

Ans: – Tuberculosis, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, Measles this disease is targeted in primary immunization.

2)Name the vaccines against TB and Polio. At what age are these vaccines first administered?

Ans: –  TB: – BCG, Polio: – OPV.

At an age of 2 month vaccine are first administered.

3)Which day of the week is usually chosen for the pulse polio and why?

Ans: – Sunday is choose usually for the pulse polio program as this day is holiday for the students.

4) How will large scale destruction of lymphocytes affect our ability to fight thediseases?

Ans: –As the lymphocytes works against the disease. So,if it affects then the immunity of the body will be hampered.

5) Given below are four situations that are conducive to mosquito breeding. Identify with any one situation that you are familiar with and answer the questions that follow.

A — building construction site.

B — Children playing near an open drain /nallah.

C — Tea stall with used paper cups and plates strewn around allowing water accumulation

D — House with leaking roof and water puddles around.

Tick (√) one or more remedial measure that you think are most applicable for prevention of mosquito breeding in the situation selected.

(i) Apply mosquito repellent cream or use mosquito net and door nets. (√)

(ii) Fumigate the place or put Kerosene oil in water. (√)

(iii) Convince the concerned persons prevent accumulation of dirt andwater. (×)

(iv) Not allow stagnation of water in and around your own home. (√)


1)How is O.R.S. solution made at home?

Ans: –  If we add some amount of sugar and salt in a glass of water then O.R.S would be made at home.

2)What first aid would you give to a person who has received burn?

Ans: – a) Place the injured area with the ice for pain relief.

b) Blot the area with dry sterile dressing.

3) List two precautions to be taken in case of bleeding from any wound.

Ans: – The precautions are-make sure victim lie down and elevate the bleeding part above from the rest of the body.

4) On a hot sultry day you suddenly get a telephone call from your aunt that your cousin who has just returned from Chandigarh has fainted and was bleeding through his nose. Which first aid measures would you suggest to your aunt?

Ans: – The first thing which must be taken that the lady must gave ORS at first and keep her in a coolant place.  After that resting sometimes consulting with the doctor.


1)How will you convince your friend not to take drugs? Give any three reasons.

Ans: – The drug will affectmay affect in academic field, employment as well as in interpersonal relationship.

2)How will you get to know if a friend of yours is taking drug or not? List three important signs that will help you to identify him/her.

Ans: – The important sign is –

a) Sudden change in work or school attendance.

b) Outbursts of anger, running nose, red eyes.

c) Engaging in secretive behaviour.


1) Read the following table carefully and fill in the blanks.

Ans: –

Name of the


Basis of the technique Technique best used for
Radiography Use of beam of electromagnetic

waves of short wave length

Sound wave between 1 to 15MH Powerful magnetic field is used to

map the distribution of water in

different tissues

Secretion from different tissue.
sonography Information of different organ in body. Foetal growth


1)Differentiate between dislocation and fracture. Mention the role of a splint.

Ans: – Dislocation and fracture are Different things as in dislocation bone moves from the joint whereas in fracture the bones breaks or fracture.

5) What role does vaccination play in control of diseases? Explain.

Ans: – Vaccine gave an immense control effect while we are taking it as this vaccine create the barrier against that specific disease when it applied like OPV vaccine is used for the polio control.

6) How is innate immunity different from acquired immunity?

Ans: – The acquired immunity is coming from the body itself whereas the innate immunity is coming from the taking the vaccine.

7) List at least six steps you think are essential to remain healthy.

Ans: – The following steps is essential for the remaining healthy is –

  • Daily exercise.
  • Healthy diet.
  • Taking food properly in time.
  • Follow certain sleeping times etc.

8)How are personal health and community health related? Explain with thehelp of an example.

Ans: – For remaining healthy we must conscious about our health as after this the different activity will go properly according our desire and for that the personal health and community health should be healthy.

9)What precautions will you take while storing food?

Ans: – If we store food then one thing which we must follow that the food is packed properly and must be kept in a coolant place.

10) List the activities that are carried out by community health organizations.

Ans: – The activity which should be taken in a community health organization is distribution of food grain, medicine as well as the proper instructions of living lifestyle.

11) Chill and high fever at periodic interval is characteristic of malaria. What is responsible for this periodic symptom? List any two other symptoms of malaria.

Ans: – The mosquito bite is responsible for the spreading of the malaria.

Its symptoms are –

  • High fever.
  • Headache

12) List the various preventive measures that are essential for controlling spread of TB.

Ans: – The preventives measure is-

  • Take medicine properly.
  • Wash hand properly while eating.
  • Cover the mouth of infected person.

13) BCG vaccine provides an artificial and active immunity. Justify.

Ans: – The vaccine BCG is provided the artificial and activities immunity as this works against the disease like influenza. Its full form is Bacillus Cal metricGuanine.

14) Why do bones appear lighter on a radiograph?

Ans: – If any bone of our body is affected or break or get some pressure of dislocation then while applying radiography that area will appears lighter.

15) Brain appears clearer in an MRI than in an X-ray. Explain.

Ans: – As in MRI the magnetic affect for the detection is greater than X rays so now a days MRI is taking mostly for the damage tendon, ligament detection in body.

16) Name the technique that is best used for monitoring foetal growth.

Ans: – Obstetrics ultrasound is the best technique used for the monitoring foetal growth.

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