NIOS Class 10 Science & Technology Chapter 31 Solution – Food Production And Animal Husbandry

NIOS Class 10 Science & Technology Chapter 31 Solution – Food Production And Animal Husbandry

NIOS Class 10 Science & Technology Solution Chapter 31 Food Production And Animal Husbandry. NIOS Class 10 Science & Technology Chapter 31 Question Answers Download PDF. NIOS Class 10 Science Notes.

NIOS Class 10 Science & Technology Chapter 31 Solution



10th  (Secondary)


Science and Technology (212)

Question Answer, Solution, Notes


1) Which council has been set up in India for Agricultural Research and Development?

Ans: – Indian Agricultural Research Council is set up for agricultural research and development.

2) Mention any three advantages of crop rotation.

(i) ____variation in crop_______ (ii) _____more productivity______ (iii) ____less unused field______

3) In the table given below fill in the blanks and example has already been donefor you.

Ans: –

Name Method
1. Farming of ‘Moong’ after


Rotation in the planting crop
2. Growing four crops in the

same field.

Gardening mission
Agronomy Organic farming
4. ‘Barseem’ barley, sun-flower Rotation of different crop


1) Some statements are given below. Arrange them in the proper sequence sothat the chain given below gets completed.

1.) Use of grass cutting implement

2.) Transplantation of new plants

3.) Preparing the vermicomposting

4.) Treating the seeds by immersing these in ceresin or agrosin.

5.) Use of mix cropping

6.) Making topsoil fertile

7.) Preparation of the field for sowing.

Ans: –

2) Mention a chemical and an organic method for protecting growing crops against attack by weeds.

Ans: – The sprinkling of weed-killers like N,C,A,A and Compazine is being used in the crop for the protection against the attack by weeds while attacking that.

3) What can be done for removing plant destroying insects etc. what harm canbe caused by chemical insecticides?

Ans: –For the remove insects spray insecticides applied but these can be poisonous for both plants and animals create environmental pollution.

4) Mention any two better ways of storing grains.

(i) _______pusha been___________________

(ii) _____pusha cubical_____________________


1) Today, most schools of marine fish can be detected by the use of new technology, called——echo technique———————.

2) ——oyseter———— are cultured to get pearl.

3)Mention the names of any two fish of economic importance___Muller___.

4) By increasing the lactation period of milch animals —–production of milk–can be simultaneously increased.


1) At any given time the capacity of the availability, easy accessibility and expenditure on food of all the people in any region/country is called———

——food security—————.

2) The grain stocks procured by the govt. through the medium of FCI is called——buffer stock—————.

3) The rationed material, from the state-controlled ration shops is distributedthrough the ——public distribution————— system.

4) Mention any two programmes that were initiated with the purposed toeradiation of poverty and achieving food security. —mid day meal, PM paushan scheme–

5) The mixture of separated cells/tissues from plants and nutritive fluids in afunnel/beaker is____cellular conservation____.


Multiple Choice Questions.

1) The name of the governmental campaign that is encouraging horticulture is:

a.) National Green Mission

b.) National Gardening Mission

c.) National Food Mission

d.) National Harvest Mission.

Ans: –   Option(b).

2) The credit for the green revolution in the country goes to :

a.) Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

b.) Dr V Kurian

c.) Dr M.S. Swaminathan

d.) Dr. MGK Menon.

Ans: – Option(c)

3) The following are involved in the creation of bio fertilzers:

(a) Grass, dry leaves and urine/excrete of animals

(b) Chemical products

(c) Radio-active substances

(d) Nitrogen fertilizers.

Ans: – Option(d)

4) Auxin or gibberellin chemicals is associated with this category

a.) Weed killer

b.) Fertilizer

c.) Plant Growth Regulator

d.) Fungicides.

Ans: – Option(c).

5) For crops productions and management of farms which principles should the farmer be informed of?

Ans: – For the crop production and the management the farmers should follow the uses of fertilizer which contains nitrogen and the crop rotation is very necessary.

6) What do you mean by crop rotation? Classified the advantages of crop rotation?

Ans: – The crop rotation means the farming of different crop in a year or the variety of crop production in a year. In this way amount of large food production will be possible.

7) From the perspective of food security, why is mixed cropping and multiplecropping considered better?

Ans: – As compared from the previous needed to the modern era the needs of the more amount of food in the growing of population. So, the multiple cropping is very necessary now a days.

8.) Comment on the following

i.) Formation of topsoil.

Ans: – The upper most region of the soil including the 5 to 10 inches. As this region is considered of full of different mineral and organic material which helps in the plant growth.

ii) Treatment of seeds.

Ans: – For better production of crop.

iii.) Preparation of field for sowing seedsand looking after new-born plants.

Ans: – For the increasing the crop quality and the crop rotation.

iv) Preservation of cells/tissues

Ans: – For variety of that specific element or a particular type of crop benefit we get by this.

9) just imaging that you have been invited to a village chaupal for giving a lecture on ‘Arrangement for Protecting Harvest’. What will you tell thevillagers and farmers on this topic?

Ans: – The crop arrangements are very necessary for the diversity of the production and the benefits we get from that. The crop rotation is very necessary for the modern days.

10) During the storage of grains in granaries, talk about any two possibilities, by which, how can reach the door of the stored grains.

Ans: – If we storage the food grain then in future it will give the benefits in the situation of the shortage. The effect of the seasonal rain when affect then it will be helpful.

11) What advantage assures to the farmer through animal husbandry. Manyanimal rights activists’ protests against animal husbandry. Write a note ofone or two pages on this topic.

Ans: – The various conscience is raised throughout the way that the animal in this process is being exploited by using the genetic engineering for the large-scale production.

12) How can the produce of hen rearing and fisheries ‘activities be increased?

Ans: – The waste of hen farming house are goes to the rearing of the fishes which are in the area. By applying this technology, the production of fishes also increased.

13) By explaining being made at the national level in relation to the country’food security, kindly explain as to why food security is in the country’s interest today.

Ans: –  Government should be much aware of the food security in a particular area or the whole region. For the different necessary steps should be taken like the organic farming and installing granaries, different scheme for the food security of the poor.

14) Comment on the following:

i.) Food security for the increasing population.

Ans: – It is very necessary for the management of the food according to their needs so, in future may not the situation came like the shortage of food.

ii.)  Buffer stocks.

Ans: – To maintain the balance in the food management in the different way of storing.

iii.) Public distribution system.

Ans: – One thing that must be accepted that the public distribution system is necessary for the distribution of the food to the needy poor person so no one may affect because of starvation.

iv.) Green revolution.

Ans: – It is very necessary step towards the production of the food in today’s time where larger amount of food is needed for the needy person. In this way the food production is increase by applying the various seed for the crop production.

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