NIOS Class 10 Science & Technology Chapter 30 Solution – Human Impact on Environment

NIOS Class 10 Science & Technology Chapter 30 Solution – Human Impact on Environment

NIOS Class 10 Science & Technology Solution Chapter 30 Human Impact on Environment. NIOS Class 10 Science & Technology Chapter 30 Question Answers Download PDF. NIOS Class 10 Science Notes.

NIOS Class 10 Science & Technology Chapter 30 Solution



10th  (Secondary)


Science and Technology (212)

Question Answer, Solution, Notes


1) Define the term ‘natural disaster’? Name any three.

Ans: – Natural disasters means various activity happen throughout the years in different countries like tsunami, flood, cyclone etc.

2) You are enjoying a cup of tea with your family sitting on a bed. Suddenly you experience an earthquake. List the first two steps that you and your family should take.

Ans: – The first priority which must be how to took out all the citizen from the house at an open place and makes sure that everyone is safe.

3) State one cause each of (a) forest fire (b) landslide (c) Flood.

Ans: – The forest fires happen sometimes because of thunderstorms.

The heavy rain in the hilly are makes the landslide and flood also in the lower area.

4) State any one way by which National Disaster Management Authority ofIndia could help in reducing the loss of life in case of (a) cyclone (b) tsunami.

Ans: –When there is a prediction of happening cyclone and tsunami in a certain area, we must keep the people out firstly from the area specifically from the coastal area.

5) What happens after a cloudburst?

Ans: – The cloudburst made the area flooding sometimes and in hilly area landladies also seen after of that.


Fill in the blanks.

1) The number of animals, such as ___black panther_______ and____tiger_______ is falling dueto cutting of forests.

2) Need for ____civilization_______ leads to felling of trees.

3) Practice of _____clavicular______ and __mass plantation_________ can help in reforestation.

4) Environmental problems, such as __water pollution________ and ___air pollution_________ are aresult of increase in human population.


Fill in the blanks.

1) ___Agricultural west_________ and _____human excretion_______ are examples of natural resources ofwater pollution.

2) Thermal discharge into rivers may lead to the death of _____different aquatic animal. ______.

3) Presence of ___chemical west____ and _household west______ in water may lead to infectious diseases.

4) Enrichment of water bodies with nutrients coming from fields is called___eutrophication______.

5) non-biodegradable wastes, such as __DDT______ may lead to bio magnificationupon entering the food chain.

6) Domestic sources, such as ___waste of cooking______ and __from human excretion_______lead to land pollution.

7) Unwanted sound may lead to___sound __________ pollution.

8) Noise pollution may be caused by_____loud speakers______ and ___vehicle_______.


1.) Choose the correct option

(i) Growing tress for afforestation is called

a) Monoculture b) horticulture

c) Silviculture d) agriculture.

Ans: – Option(c).

(ii) Which of the following chemicals lead to depletion of the ozone layer?

a) Carbon dioxide b) Chloro-fluorocarbons

c) Nitrogen d) Water vapour.

Ans: – Option(b).

(iii) Which of the following can be found in the body of top consumers inhigh concentration?

a) Nitrates b) Phosphates

c) DDT d) Vitamins.

Ans: – Option (a).

(iv) Soil erosion can be prevented by

a) Use of pesticides b) deforestation

c) Afforestation d) excessive use of fertilizers.

Ans: – Option(c).

2) Which of the following are biodegradable?

Aluminium foil, paper, ballpoint pen refill, grass.

Ans: – Here Aluminium foil and grass are biodegradable substance.

3) Which gaseous pollutant has the ability to absorb infra-red radiations?

Ans: –Greenhouse gases have the ability.

4) A chemical factory in a village discharges its waste that is rich in nitrogen,in a pond. Which phenomenon do you expect to take place?

Ans: – The pond day by day will be full of the plants specie’s in that area when too much nitrogenous waste is discharge in that.

5) Leakage of gases used in refrigerators and air conditioners for cooling are not considered eco-friendly. Why?

Ans: – This gas is the reason behind the increasing of the temperature in the surrounding when this CFC types of gases are coming out from that refrigerator.

6) A ship carrying oil from the gulf region collides with huge rocks and gets damaged. Is this just news or has some serious consequences? Give your opinion in one sentence.

Ans: – When the oil tanker collided with the rock a series of disaster in the see ecosystem is seen as this oil affect the aquatic animal as well as plant in the see also

7) Give the term given to replenishment of the forests from where wood can occasionally be taken for commercial use?

Ans: – If we take the wood from the forest then at the same amount of value in the nature of that tree we must planted in that area for the balancing of that decay.

8) List two ways of replenishing forests.

Ans: – The ways of replenishing of forest are-

  • Afforestation
  • Creating awareness to the people about the importance of forest.

9) To set up a new industry, a large forest area had to be cut. List four ways in which the environment in that area may be affected.

Ans: – The environment in that area would affect by

  • The cutting of trees.
  • Soil erosion may be happened.
  • Air pollution would affect.
  • Ecological balance hampered.

11) What could be a major disadvantage for man being placed at the top of the food chain? Name the phenomenon that may cause this harmful effect.

Ans: –In a food chain the various types of living and non-living organism are placed according to their affect in the nature. So, each are related to the other and this will not happen as this is in a cycle.

12) List any three ways in which noise from various sources can affect the well-being of a person. Suggest few methods to control noise pollution.

Ans: – The three ways are-

  • Vehicle sounds.
  • Factories sounds.
  • Loud speakers.

13) What does ‘Global warming’ mean? Name the gas responsible for this phenomenon and why should it be considered an environmental problem.

Ans: – The day by day cutting of trees from the forest makes the are ecologically imbalance and air pollution causes the increasing the temperature of the earth which known as Global warming.

The gas which are responsible for that is CO2, SO2, CFC, methane.

14) It was observed that a large number of vultures were dying around a cropfield. Considering the fact that vultures are top consumers, explain thephenomenon that may have caused their death in large numbers.

Ans: – In a crop field long lines of electricity transmission lines are available by which the vultures get touched and affected as a result of that their number is decreasing.

15) List and classify the waste generated at home? What is the differencebetween the different ‘groups? How would you manage this waste so thatit causes least pollution?

Ans: – The waste is generated in our home by the different uses like from the cooking waste in kitchen, unused bags, cloths, different old object which has no value in today’s times etc.

16) Name the instrument used to measure the magnitude of an earthquake. Suggest any one of preventing way with them in earthquake prone areas.

Ans: – The instrument which measure the magnitude is the Richter scale.

The first priority which must be how to took out all the citizen from the house at a open places and makes sure that everyone is safe.

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