New Learning Composite Mathematics Class 8 SK Gupta Anubhuti Gangal Quadrilaterals Chapter 10C Solution

New Learning Composite Mathematics SK Gupta Anubhuti Gangal Class 8 Quadrilaterals Self Practice 10C Solution

(1) Find the value of each variable in the parallelograms. Give brief reasons.

(2) In the figure, AO = OD = OC and reflex <AOC = 2300. Find the value of x.

Solution Number 1 & 2:

(3) The measure of two adjacent angles of a parallelogram are in the ratio 4:5. Find the measure of each angle of the parallelogram.

(4) Two opposite angles of a parallelogram are (5x – 21)o and (x + 75)o . Find the measure of each of the angles of the parallelogram.

Solution 3 & 4:

(5) The ratio of two adjacent sides of a parallelogram is 7:9 and its perimeter is 96 cm. Find the sides of the parallelogram.

(6) State whether the following quadrilaterals are parallelograms or not. Give reasons.

(7) Find the value of a and b that would make the quadrilateral, a parallelogram.

Solution Number 5, 6 & 7:


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