New Learning Composite Mathematics Class 8 SK Gupta Anubhuti Gangal Percentage and Its Application Chapter 8B Solution

New Learning Composite Mathematics SK Gupta Anubhuti Gangal Class 8 Percentage and Its Application Self Practice 8B Solution

(1) If 45% people in a city like football, 40% like cricket and the remaining like other games, then what per cent of the people like other games? If the city has a population of 4,00,000 people, then find the number of people who like one of these games.

(2) In an examination, 96% of the students passed and 500 failed. How many students appeared at the examination?


(3) Two numbers are respectively 12 1 by 2% and 25% more than a third number. Find what percent is first number of the second number?


(4) A person invests Rs. 89856 in mutual funds, which is 26% of his annual income. What is the monthly income.

(5) The difference between 54% of a number and 26% of the same number is 22526. What is 66% of that number.

(6) When 125 is subtracted from a number, it reduces to its 37.5 per cent. What is 25 per cent of this number.


(7) A person spends 75% of his income, if his income increases by 20% and expenses increase by 15% then find the per cent increase in his savings.

(8) A shopkeeper first increased the price of an article by 25% and then by 20%. What is the total percent increase.


(9) A sum of Rs. 2236 is divided among A, B and C in such a way that A receives 25% more than C and C receives 25% less than B. What us A’s sharer in the amount?

(10) In a company, there are 75% skilled workers and the remaining are unskilled. 80% of skilled workers and 20% of unskilled workers are permanent. If the number of temporary workers is 126, then what is the number of workers?


(11) Ravi scored 30% marks and failed by 15 marks. Deepak scored 40% marks and obtained 35 marks more than those required to pass. Find the minimum per cent pass marks.

(12) Two candidates fought an election. One of them got 62% of the total votes and won by 432 votes. What is the total number of votes polled?


(13) In an election between two persons, 68 votes were declared invalid. The winning persons for 52% AND WON 98 VOTES. fIND THE TOTAL NUMBER OF VOTES POLLED.


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  1. IN 9Q SUM IS 2236 NOT 2226

    1. Q.6- Expensive income 15% h 20% nhi h

  2. 9q ans is 780 not 770 please correct this answer

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  3. The third 1st no. Is 112 whole1/2 not 12 whole 1/2

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