New Learning Composite Mathematics Class 7 SK Gupta Anubhuti Gangal Ratio and Proportion and Unitary Method Chapter 7C Solution

New Learning Composite Mathematics SK Gupta Anubhuti Gangal Class 7 Ratio and Proportion and Unitary Method Self Practice 7C Solution

(1) If 30 m of cloth cost Rs. 2400, what is the cost of 50 m cloth?

(2) If 8 ball pens cost Rs. 40, how much will 20 ball pens of the same kind will cost?

(3) Find the price of 744 articles at the rate of Rs. 60.25 a dozen.

(4) If the wages of 15 men for 8 days are Rs. 60,000, how much would they receive for 14 days?

(5) If a car goes 45 m in 3 seconds, how far does it go in 5 seconds? How long does it take in going 120 m?

(6) If 48 men have ration for 16 days, how long will the food last, if a rainforcement of 16 men arrives?

(7) How long will 50 men take to do the same job, that 40 men do in 25 days?

(8) If 10 kg of mangoes cost Rs. 550, how much will 27 kg cost? How many kilograms of mangoes can be bought for Rs. 1925?

(9) A garrison of 1200 men has provisions for 60 days. How long will they last, if the garrison (a) is reduced to 600 men; (b) reinforced by 800 men?

Solution Num. 1 to 9:

(10) On a certain map, 2 cm represent 1 km. What area foes 20 sq cm on the map represent?

(11) The greatest safe load for a lift is 14 men, each weighing 80 kg. How many people, each weighing 70 kg, can it take safely?

(12) Five turns of the winder of my watch, keeps it going for 15 hours, What is the effect of 9 turns?

Solution Number 10, 11 & 12:

(13) 24 men can repair a road in 15 days. How long will it take 20 men to do so, if all, work at the same rate?

(14) I have enough money to take a 24 days holiday, If i spend Rs. 125 a day. How long a holiday can I take, if I spend Rs. 150 a day?

(15) A man walks 110 m in a minute. How long will he take to walk 26.4 km?

Solution Number 13, 14 & 15:

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