New Learning Composite Mathematics Class 7 SK Gupta Anubhuti Gangal Pairs and Angles Chapter 9B Solution

New Learning Composite Mathematics SK Gupta Anubhuti Gangal Class 7 Pairs and Angles Self Practice 9B Solution

(1) Name the pair of angles marked as A for alternate, B for corresponding and C for co-interior.


(a) A

(b) B

(c) C

(d) A

(e) C

(f) B

(g) B

(h) A

(2) Give examples of each angle pair.

(a) corresponding angles

Ans. <1 and <3, <2 and <4, <5 and <7, <6 and <8

(b) alternate angles

Ans. <2 and <7, <6 and <3

(c) co-interior angles

Ans. <2 and <3, <6 and <7

(d) vertically opposite angles.

Ans. <1 and <6, <2 and <5, <3 and <8, <4 and <7

(3) Name the type of angle pair shown in each letter.

Solution. (a) Corresponding <S

(b) Alternate <S

(c) Co interior <S

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