New Learning Composite Mathematics Class 7 SK Gupta Anubhuti Gangal Pairs and Angles Chapter 9A Solution

New Learning Composite Mathematics SK Gupta Anubhuti Gangal Class 7 Pairs and Angles Self Practice 9A Solution

(1) What is measure of complement of 380

(2) What is measure of supplement of 170o

(3) Tell whether the angles shown below are complementary, supplementary or neither.

 (4) For each angle in group A, find its complement in group B. (Example 20o and 70o)

A: 20o, 10o, 35o, 45o, 60o, 85o, 65o

B: 25o, 45o, 30o, 5o, 70o, 80o, 55o

Solution from 1 to 4:

(5) For each angle in group A, find its supplement in group B.

A: 140o, 70o, 179o, 165o, 55o, 45o, 80o

B: 100o, 15o, 125o, 110o, 1o, 40o, 135o

(6) Two complementary angles are in the ratio 7:8, find the angles.

Solution 5 & 6:

(7) Two supplementary angles are in the ratio 3:7, Find the angles.

(8) Tell whether the angles are only adjacent, adjacent and form a linear pair or not adjacent.

(a) <1 and <4

(b) <2 and <3

(c) <3 and <4

(d) <3 and <1

Solution 7 & 8:

(9) Find the measures of the lettered angles.

Solution Number 9 to 14:

(15) In the diagram on the right, <1 = 500 and <2 = 840, find the measures of <3, <4, <5 and <6.

Solution Number 15:

(16) Find the angles in each of the following.

(a) The angles are supplementary and the larger is 200 less than 3 times the smaller.

(b) The angles are complementary and the larger is 15o more than twice the smaller.

(c) The angles are adjacent and form an angle of 120o. The larger is 20o less than 3 times the smaller.

(d) The angles are vertical and complementary.

Solution Number 16:

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