New Learning Composite Mathematics Class 6 SK Gupta Anubhuti Gangal Solution

Welcome to New Learning Composite Mathematics – Class 6 Solution S.K. Gupta, Anubhuti Gangal page. Here we are provided Most easy solution of Schand Publishing New Learning Composite Mathematics – Class 6. Students can follow this page.

New Learning Composite Mathematics Class 6 For 2023 Exam

Chapter 1 Knowing Our Numbers

Chapter 2 Whole Numbers

Chapter 3 Playing With Numbers

Chapter 4 Integers

Chapter 5 Fractions

Chapter 6 Decimals

Chapter 7 Algebra

7A Solution

7B Solution

7C Solution

7D Solution

7E Solution

7F Solution

7G Solution

Chapter 8 Ratio Proportion and Unitary Method

Exercise 8a Solution

Exercise 8B Solution

Exercise 8C Solution

Exercise 8D Solution

Exercise 8E Solution

Exercise 8F Solution

Chapter 9 Basic Geometric Figures

Chapter 10 Plane Figures

Chapter 11 Three Dimensional Figures

Chapter 12 2D Linear Symmetry

Chapter 13 Basic Constructions

Ex. 13 Solution

Chapter 14 Perimeter and Area

Ex. 14A Solution

Ex. 14B Solution

Ex. 14C Solution

Chapter 15 Data Handling

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