NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Chapter 4 My Elder Brother

NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Chapter 4 My Elder Brother

NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Chapter 4 My Elder Brother: National Council of Educational Research and Training Class 5 English Chapter 4 Solutions – My Elder Brother. NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Chapter 4 PDF Download.

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My Elder Brother

Exercise Solutions

NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Chapter 4 – My Elder Brother

Reading is Fun

(1) What are the things that Munna liked to do?

Ans:- Munna liked running to the field, playing marbles, flying paper kites and sitting idly with friends for fun.

(2) What did Bhaiya do all day?

Ans:- Bhaiya liked to study all the day and practiced everything several times.

(3) Why was Munna not happy with the timetable that Bhaiya made for him?

Ans:-  Munna was not happy with the timetable that Bhaiya made for him because the time when Munna should play was not mentioned there.

(4) How do you think Munna felt when his brother was so strict with him? Why was Bhaiya so strict with him?

Ans:-  Munna felt very sad when his brother was so strict with him and he wished to go back to home running away from there.

(5) Whose character do you like more — Munna’s or Bhaiya’s? Why?

Ans:- I liked the character of Bhaiya more because he loved his study and he was also aware of his responsibilities towards his younger brother.

Let’s Talk

(1) Do you have a timetable at school?

Ans:- Yes, I have a timetable at school.

How many periods are there for the following subjects and activities in one week?

English – three periods, Hindi – two periods, Maths – four periods, Science – three periods, Social Studies – two periods, Games – one period, Art – one period, Craft – one period, Music – one period, Dance – one period,

Any other activity?   Computer – one period.

Creative Writing

(1) After reading the letter, answer the following questions.

(i) Who has written the letter? 

Ans:- Pratap has written the letter.

(ii) To whom has the letter been written? 

Ans:- The letter been written to Pratap’s mother.


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(iii) Where is the writer of the letter? 

Ans:- The writer of the letter is in a hostel.

(iv) What is the name of his hostel? 

Ans:- The name of his hostel is Krishna Boys’ Hostel.

(v) On which date was this letter written?

Ans:- The letter was written on 10th July,2000.

(2) Now, write a letter to your friend or relative in another city telling him/her about activities/events in your school.

Tirtha Boys’ Hostel

Model Public School


3rd July, 2021


Dear Manoj,

How are you? I have not send you any letter for a long time. I have something to tell that will make you happy. You know that I was very bad in drawing but still loved to draw. You always cheered me up for my better drawing when we were in same school. You will be glad to know that I have a new teacher in my school and he has made me expert in drawing. One month ago there was a art competition in our school and I became 1st there. At the end of this month, there will be a bigger competition in our school and I will do my best there. I am learning other activities like sports and music also in my new school.

However, I miss you a lot as we did all these together in my old school. Looking forward to meet you soon.

Do write back soon.

Your loving friend



(1) Why did Oliver live in the orphanage?

Ans:- Oliver lived in the orphanage because he did not have any home to live in.

(2) Who was Mr Bumble?

Ans:- Mr Bumble was the owner of the orphanage where Oliver lived.

(3) What meals were the boys given?

Ans:- The boys were given three meals a day but each meal consisted only of a bowl of watery soup.

(4) What did Oliver say to Mr Bumble?

Ans:- Oliver requested Mr Bumble for some more soup.

(5) The boys were given three meals a day. Then why were they always hungry?

(i) Because the soup they were given was never enough.

(6) Find the words from the passage that mean the same as

(i) very hungry (para 2) – starving.

(ii) to vanish (para 3) – disappear.

(7) ‘All the boys assembled in the cold stone hall.’ Here the word means – (ii) collected.

(8) From the word ‘assembled’ remove the last two letters. Add one letter to make a word which means a time at the school when the whole school gathers – assembly.

Let’s Write


(i) teach, (ii) teaches, (iii) learned, (iv) taught, (v) learned, (vi) have learned.

(2) were, were, arrived, left, taken, took, blew, ran, came, did, won, felt.


(i) since, (ii) for, (iii) for, (iv) since.

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