NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Chapter 2 Poem Teamwork

NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Poem Teamwork

NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Chapter 2 Poem – Teamwork all Question and Answers Solutions by English Teacher. NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Poem Teamwork.

NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Teamwork

Let’s read

Complete the following sentences.

(1) If nobody passes the ball in a basketball game, then you can’t shoot the basketball through the hoop.

(2) In a relay race, if no one passes the baton, then the relay race cannot go on.

Think and Write

(1) Name the team members needed for the following.

(i) To play cricket we need

batsmen, bowlers, fielders, coaches.

(ii) To make a film we need

Actors, actresses, directors, cameramen, producers.

(iii) To run a good school we need

Teachers, non-teaching staffs, students.

(iv) To run a restaurant we need

Manager, chefs, waiters.

(2) Complete the sets of rhyming words.

Words from the poem Team Plus Done Hoop Shoot Goal Joy
Your own words Beam Us Fun Loop Fruit Coal Toy


(Q) Why was the shoe lost?

(A) The shoe was lost because of the nail.

(Q) Why was the kingdom lost?

(A) The kingdom was lost because the battle could not be fought.

(Q) Why was the battle lost?

(A) The battle was lost because there was no rider.

Picture Composition

(1) Who is laying the bricks?

Ans:- The mason is laying the bricks.

(2) Who is holding the ladder?

Ans:- The labourer is holding  the ladder.

(3) Who is the man on the ladder?

Ans:- The man on the ladder is an electrician.

(4) Who is making the door?

Ans:- The carpenter is making the door.

(5) Who is painting the walls?

Ans:- The painter is painting the walls.

In this picture, we see that a house is under construction. There are different types of workers. Manoj is a mason and he is laying the bricks. Tirtha, an electrician, is standing on a ladder which is hold by Debadri, a labourer. Ajay is a carpenter and he is busy in making the door of the house. Tutun, a painter, is painting the wall. This picture teaches us about teamwork. We learn that one cannot do everything but a team can do anything.


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Let’s Talk


Things I like doing alone

Things I like doing in a group
Reading story books

Playing football

Listening songs

Watching a movie
Writing a poem

Going for a tour

(2) In your family, what activities are done individually and as a group?

My mother decides cooking items everyday.

My father decides our investments for future.

I decide when we should exercise during the day.

We decide where to go once in a year.

Let’s Write


I know to play guitar but need someone to listen to it.

I have a chessboard but need someone to play with me.

I know dancing but need someone to watch it.

I have a movie but need someone to watch with me.

Say Aloud

(1) Write the contractions for the following phrases.

has not – hasn’t                        have not – haven’t

do not – don’t                           are not – aren’t

(2) Write the full forms for the following.

who’s – who is                           weren’t – were not

she’ll – she will                              wasn’t – was not

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