NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Chapter 2 Flying Together

NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Chapter 2 Flying Together

NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Chapter 2 Flying Together: National Council of Educational Research and Training Class 5 English Chapter 2 Solutions – Flying Together. NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Chapter 2 PDF Download.

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Flying Together

Exercise Solutions

NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Chapter 2 – Flying Together

Let’s Read

(1) Where did the geese live?

Ans:-  The geese lived in a very tall tree with strong leafy branches in a forest.

(2) Why did the old bird advise the other birds to destroy the creeper?

Ans:- The old bird advised the other birds to destroy the creeper because he thought that the little creeper would grow soon and would become strong and thick and with the help of it a hunter could easily come up and kill them all.

(3) Why did the geese cry, “Help Help”?

Ans:- The geese cried, “Help Help” because they got caught in the hunter’s net.

(4) What did the hunter do when he thought that the geese were dead?

Ans:- When the hunter thought that the geese were dead he threw them out of the net one by one.

(5) Why did the geese pretend to be dead?

Ans:- The geese pretended to be dead because they thought that the hunter would be unable to climb down the tree carrying dead birds so he would throw them below and the birds planned that when the last one of them would be thrown down they would escape and fly away.

(1) The tree was the house of a flock of parrots – false.

(2) The wise old bird wanted the creeper to be destroyed – true.

(3) The hunter climbed the tree with the help of a ladder – false.

(4) When caught in the net the foolish birds began to weep – true.

(5) The wise old bird helped them to escape – true.

Let’s Listen

(i) Why do you think the dove helped the ant?

Ans:- I think the dove helped the ant because he was very kind.

(ii) How do you think the ant felt on finding the leaf?

Ans:- I think that on finding the leaf the ant felt thankful to the dove.

(iii) Have you ever been in trouble like the ant? Did anyone help you?

Ans:- yes, I have been once in a trouble like the ant.

Yes, my friend Manoj helped me.

Let’s talk


Anu : I play games.

Amit : What do you play?

Anu : I collect stamps.

Amit : What do you collect?

Anu : I play in the ground.

Amit : Where do you play?

Anu : On Sunday I go shopping.

Amit : When do you go shopping?


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(2) Answer these questions about yourself.

(i) What is your name?

Ans:- My name is Debarshi Saha.

(ii) What languages do you speak?

Ans:- I speak Bengali, Hindi and English.

(iii) How old are you?

Ans:- I am twenty one years old.

(iv) Which is your favourite food?

Ans:- My favourite food is chicken curry.

(v) Where did you go yesterday?

Ans:- Yesterday I went to a hillside area named Jayanti.

(vi) Which country do you belong to?

Ans:- I belong to India.

(vii) When do you go to sleep?

Ans:- I go to sleep 11:30 PM at night.

(viii) Why do you drink milk?

Ans:- I drink milk to gain protein.

Let’s Write


Wise – bird.

The old man is very wise.

Careless – geese.

Rita is careless about her health.

Thick and strong – creeper.

Make your hair thick and strong.

Foolish – hunter.

Some people pretend to be foolish.

Tall – tree.

Ram is not as tall as Raavan.


(i) What is the colour of the ant?

(ii) Where does it live?

(iii) How many antennae does it have?

(iv) How does it move?

(v) What does it eat?

(3)   at, to, into, with, into, to, in, on.

(4)   along, across, at, after, around, with, beside, in, from.

(5)   what, when, what, when, what, when, what.


Who said this?      The geese.

the hunter.

To whom was it said?  To the old wise bird.

To himself.

When was it said?        When the old bird told them to destroy the creeper.

When he came in the forest and saw the tree.

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