NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Chapter 10 Poem Malu Bhalu

NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Poem Malu Bhalu

NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Chapter 10 Poem – Malu Bhalu all Question and Answers Solutions by English Teacher. NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Poem Malu Bhalu.

NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Malu Bhalu

Reading is fun

(1) Where did the polar bear live with her family?

Ans:- The polar bear lived right up in an icy lair with her family.

(2) What did Malu learn to do from her parents?

Ans:- Malu learnt catching big and small fishes and swimming from her parents.

(3) Where did Malu want to travel?

Ans:- Malu wanted to travel far beyond the big blue sky to play and see the things there.

(4) What was it that Malu’s parents wanted her to learn?

Ans:- It was swimming that Malu’s parents wanted her to learn.

(5) Was Malu scared to swim? Did she learn it easily?

Ans:- Malu was scared to swim at first. But after sometime she left all her doubt and fear behind her.

Yes, she learnt swimming easily.

(6) Read the last two stanzas of the poem. Whom does ‘she’ stand for in both?

Ans:-In the second last stanza, ‘she’ belongs to Malu. In the last stanza, ‘she’ belongs to Malu’s mother.

True or false

Malu’s hair was white–true.

Malu knew how to swim–false.

Malu was playing with the penguins – false.

Malu was good at catching fish–true.

Malu was a bravebhalu–true.

Malu did not love her mother – false.

Malu’s mother was firm–true.

Now write a detailed character sketch of Malu Bhalu.

Malu was a female bhalu. She was very brave and strong. She was white in colour. She was boldand clever. She was eager to travel far and see the things beyond the big blue sky. She learnt swimming easily as she was fearless.

Let’s talk

(i) Meena brought the mango home.

(ii) Meena’s grandmother gave a larger piece to Raju becausehe was a boy.

(iii) I think that no one should have got the larger piece. The mango should have to be divided equally.


My name is Vivek Saha. I live in a hillside town named Alipurduar. It is a very beautiful place. I am 5’10” in height and 73 kg in weight. I do exercise on daily basis. I drink four bottles of water everyday. I like playing guitar, watching movies with friends, going for a tour, helping people etc. I dislike telling and listening lies.


Things I like to do–

Doing homework.

Teaching my brother.

Making tea.

Going to market.

Things I do not like to do –

Eating vegetables.

Cleaning my own room.

Waking up in earlymorning.

Reading newspaper.

Let’s write


Malu lived with her parents in the North Pole. She had great fun with her seagull friends.

One day, her father told herthat the hunters had come to trap her and her family. She knew how to hide very well. She shut her eyes and curled up like a ball of snow.

The hunters searched for her and her family everywhere but in vain.

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