NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Chapter 1 Wonderful Waste

NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Chapter 1 Wonderful Waste

NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Chapter 1 Wonderful Waste: National Council of Educational Research and Training Class 5 English Chapter 1 Solutions – Wonderful Waste. NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Chapter 1 PDF Download.

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Chapter Name

Wonderful Waste

Exercise Solutions

NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Chapter 1 – Wonderful Waste

Reading is fun

(1) What were the preparations in the palace for?

Ans:- The preparations  were for the grand feast that was ordered by the Maharaja of Travancore in his palace.

(2) Why did the Maharaja go into the kitchen in the afternoon?

Ans:- The Maharaja went into the kitchen in the afternoon to observe the dishes that had been prepared for the feast.

(3) What had the cook planned to do with the vegetable scraps?

Ans:- At first, the cook had planned to throw away all the vegetable scraps but later he made a delicious item named ‘Avial’ with those vegetable scraps.

(5) State whether the following are True or False

(i) The king had ordered a dinner in the palace – True.

(ii) No one had heard of or tasted avial before – True.

(iii) The cook had planned to make another dish using the vegetable scraps – False.

(1)  A recipe is a list of directions to prepare a dish. The following sentences are not in order for preparing avial. Number them in the correct order.

Let’s Talk

Name some of the things which are thrown away at home or in school.

Ans:- Some of the things which are thrown at home or in school are extra food, newspapers, old dresses etc.

Sit in groups of four and think of interesting ways in which they can be made useful

Ans:- We should not throw our extra food. We should distribute it among the people who need to be fed. We can use newspaper as our book cover instead of throwing them. We should give our old dresses to the poor instead of wasting them.

Word Building



Noun – Earth’s surface.

Verb –  to provide a reason.



Noun – a study of the opinion of a group of people.

Verb – to look carefully.



Noun – waste material.

Verb – to get rid of something.



Noun – the rear end of a boat.

Adverb– strictly,



Verb – to attract.

Adjective – attractive.


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2.) Make new words by adding/dropping a few letters from the root word. Some are done for you.

-ed -ing -er -est
Pound Pounded Pounding * *
Try Tried Trying * *
Large * * Larger Largest
New * * Newer Newest
Tasty Tasted Tasting Tastier Tastiest
Wise * * Wiser Wisest
Stare Stared Staring * *
Clean Cleaned Cleaning Cleaner Cleanest

Do any of these words use all of four endings? – clean and tasty.

Find Out

(1) Name food that is made in your home

(i) for a feast/ festival – chicken and fish.

(ii) when you are unwell – dal, boiled egg.

(iii) everyday – rice and green vegetables.

Bamboo Curry

Let’s write

(1) Complete the sentences meaningfully.

(i) The bridegroom left with the door of his in-laws’ house because it was made of  bamboo and there was no bamboo in his village.

(ii) The bridegroom was unable to have bamboo curry in the end because it was too hard to eat.

(2) Word hunt

Fill in the blanks with words from the story.

(i) The bridegroom went to visit his mother-in-law..

(ii) The mother-in-law pointed at the bamboo door.

(iii) He stayed the night with his in-laws.

(iv) He carried the bamboo door back with him.

(v) The curry was made from bamboo shoots.

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