NCERT Important Dates Class 6

NCERT Important Dates Class 6 Social Studies History books all Chapter Here in this page. Our experienced experts provide here NCERT Board Class 6 History Book’s all Chapters Important Dates and Year for more and more preparation. Hope it will help you.

NCERT Important Dates History Class 6

Important Dates and Events NCERT Board History All Chapters Class 6 Here.

  • 12 thousand years ago: environmental changes began
  • 12000 years to 10000 years ago: this time span is called mesolithic age
  • From about 10,000 years ago: Neolithic age
  • 12000 years ago: major climatic change happened
  • The time span between 20,000 and 10,000 years ago: cave painting started in France
  • 12000 years ago: beginning of domestication of animals
  • 10,000 years ago: the beginning of the Neolithic age
  • 8000 years ago: people of Indian subcontinent started to grow crops such as wheat and barley.
  • 7000 years ago: cotton was grown in mehrgarh
  • 7000 years ago: techniques of making Silk were first invented in China
  • 5000 years ago: Kings ruled over Egypt.
  • 4700 years ago: big cities like Harappa and Mohenjo Daro were established
  • 4700 years ago: some of the earliest cities flourished on the banks of the river Indus and its tributaries
  • 3900 years ago: people stopped living in big cities and writing seals and weights were no longer used.
  • 3500 years ago: Rig Veda was composed
  • 3500 years ago: archaeologist found some of the first evidence of writing in China.
  • 3000 years ago: new kind of Rajas emerged
  • 3000 years ago: the use of iron began in the subcontinent the
  • 2500 years ago: some janapadas became more important than others.
  • 2500 years ago: a part of Kaushambi was fortified
  • 2500 years ago: people of Athens set up a form of government
  • 2500 years ago: City started to develop on the banks of Ganga and its tributaries
  • 2500 years ago: the Iranian and the greeks came to the Northwest of India who were familiar with the Indus river
  • 2500 years ago: Gautama Buddha was born
  • 2500 years ago: Vardhaman Mahavira spread his message during this time
  • 2500 years ago: evidents of growing use of iron tools
  • 2400 years ago: The construction of the Great Wall of China started
  • 2300 years ago: ruler named Alexander came into existence who wanted to become a world Conqueror
  • 2300 years ago: famous Buddhist books Dighanikaya which contain some of the speeches of Gautam Buddha was written in this time
  • 2300 years ago: the Maurya Kingdom was founded
  • 2300 years ago: beginning of composition of Sangam literature
  • 2300 years ago: Cholacheras and pandyasbecame powerful in Savdhan India
  • 2300 years ago: beginning of stupa buildings
  • 2250 years ago: an Ashokan inscription was found in present-day Kandahar in Afghanistan.
  • 2100 years ago: Sadbhavna Kingdom became powerful in western India
  • Between 2200 and 1900 years ago: settlement in arikamedu.
  • 2000 years ago: charaka
  • 2000 years ago: Mathura became the second capital of the kushanas
  • 2000 years ago: silk was in fashion in Rome
  • 2000 years ago: kushanas ruled over the Central Asia and North West India
  • 2000 years ago: King Augustus ruled during this time
  • 2000 years ago: Mini stone carvings for decorating the Stupa were made.
  • 2000 years ago: Christianity it came to Western Asia
  • 2000 years ago: the city of Amravati came into existence
  • 1900 years ago: famous kushana king Kanishka ruled
  • 1800 years ago: paper was introduced in Baghdad.
  • 1700 years ago: beginning of the Gupta dynasty
  • 1600 years ago: Fa xian came to the subcontinent
  • 1600 years ago: the era of Kalidas
  • 1500 years ago: the Sanghas lasted till about 1500 years ago
  • 1500 years ago: the ganasanghas lasted up to this time
  • 1500 years ago: writing down of the jaina texts
  • 1500 years ago: the story of Mahabharata was written
  • 1400 years ago: the Durga temple at aihole was built
  • 1400 years ago: XusnZang came to the subcontinent
  • 1400 years ago: paper was introduced in North Korea
  • 1400 years ago: Harshvardhan ruled his Kingdom
  • 1400 years ago: Prophet Muhammad introduced a new religion called Islam
  • 150 years ago: a page from a manuscript of the Rig Veda was found in Kashmir.
  • The time span between 3600 years and 2700 years: in this time ground burial was started in inamgaon
  • 58 BCE: Vikramsamvat Era began
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