NCERT Important Dates Class 10

NCERT Important Dates Class 10 Social Science History books all Chapter Here in this page. Our experienced experts provide here NCERT Board Class 10 History Book’s all Chapters Important Dates and Year for more and more preparation. Hope it will help you.

NCERT Important Dates History Class 10

Important Dates and Events NCERT Board History All Chapters Class 10 Here.

Chapter 1

  • 1848: Frederic Sorrieu a French artist prepared a series of four paintings visualising his dream of a world made up of democratic and socialist republics.
  • 1789: the French Revolution
  • 1833: emergent travelling in 1833 from Hamburg to Nuremberg to sell his goods would have to had to pass through 11 customs barriers and pay a custom duty of about 5% at each one of them
  • 1834: a customs Union of Zollverein was formed
  • 1815: Napoleon was defeated
  • 1815: the representatives of the European powers like Britain Russia prussia and Austria who had collectively defeated Napoleon made at Vienna to draw up a settlement for Europe
  • 1815: Vienna Convention
  • 1807: Giuseppe Muzziniwas born.
  • 1830: the first upheaval took place in France in July 1830
  • 1821: the struggle of the greeks for their Independence began.
  • 1824: English poet Lord Byron died in 1824
  • Treaty of Constantinople: 1832
  • 1848: Paris was in a great trouble
  • After the year 1848: the autocratic monarchies of Central and Eastern Europe began to introduce changes that had already taken place in western Europe before 1815
  • 1867: the habsburg rulers granted more autonomy to the Hungarian
  • 1871: the prussian king William 1 was proclaimed German emperor
  • 1831 and 1848: the failure of Revolutionary Uprising
  • 1859: sardinia and piedmont succeeded defeating the Austrian forces
  • 1861: Victor Emmanuel II was proclaimed the king of United Italy.
  • 1707: the act of union between England and Scotland

Chapter 2

  • 1918 to 1919 and 1920-21: crops failed in many parts of India resulting in acute shortage of food.
  • 1921 census: according to the census 12 to 13 million people were died because of famines and epidemics
  • 1915: Gandhi return to India
  • 1917: Gandhi went to Champaran Bihar
  • 1917: Kheda Satyagraha in Gujarat
  • 1918: Ahmedabad mill Strike
  • 1919: Rowlatt Act
  • 13th April 1919:JallianwalaBagh massacre
  • 1919:Khilafat committee was formed in Bombay
  • 1909: Gandhi wrote Hind Swaraj
  • Summer of 1920: Gandhiji and sawkat Ali to and extensively throughout the India
  • Nagpur session of 1920: non cooperation programme was adopted by the National Congress
  • January 1921: the non cooperation Khilafat movement began
  • June 1920: Jawaharlal Nehru began going around the villages in awadh
  • in 1921: houses of talukdar and merchants were attacked
  • 6th January 1921: the police in the united provinces fired at the peasants near Rae Bareli
  • 1924: Raju was captured and executed
  • February 1922: Gandhi decided to withdraw the non cooperation movement
  • Agricultural prices began to fall from 1926 and collapsed after 1930
  • 1928: Simon Commission arrived in India
  • October 1929: Lord Irwin offered Dominion status
  • December 1929: PurnaSwaraj was demanded
  • 26 January 1930: independence day was celebrated for the first time
  • 6th April 19 30: Salt Satyagraha was started
  • April 1930: angry crowds demonstrated in the streets of Peshawar
  • Gandhi Irwin pact: 5th March 1931
  • December 1931: the political leaders of Indian freedom struggle was released from jail
  • By 1934: the civil disobedience movement lost its momentum
  • 1927: Indian Chamber of Commerce and industries was established
  • There was strike by railway workers in 1930 and dockworkers in 1932.
  • Poona pact: September 1932
  • 1928: all party conference
  • 1930: sir Muhammad Iqbal retired from the post of president of Muslim League
  • By 1921: Gandhiji had designed the Swaraj flag
  • 14th July 1942: the historic Quit India Resolution was adopted by the Indian National Congress

Chapter 3

  • 3000 BC: inactive coastal trade link the Indus valley civilization with the present day West Asia
  • By 1890: a global agricultural economy had taken shape
  • Till the 1870s: animals were shipped live from America to Europe
  • In 1885: the big European powers met in Berlin to complete the carving up of Africa between them
  • Late 1880s: rinderpest arrived in Africa
  • 1920s: the housing and consumer Boom of the 1920 created the basic of prosperity of the US
  • By 1929: the world would be plunged into a depression such as it had never experienced before
  • 1929 to mid 1930: The Great Depression begin
  • By 1935: a modest economic recovery was underway in most industrial countries
  • Between 1928 and 1934: India’s exports and imports nearly Halved.

Chapter 4

  • 1900: dawn of the century was written
  • 1760: Britain was importing 2.5 million pounds of raw cotton to feed its Cotton Industry
  • By 1787: the import of cotton increased to 22 million pounds.
  • Up to 1840: cotton was the leading sector in the first phase of industrialisation
  • 1781: James Watt improved the steam engine produced by newcomen and patented the new engine in 1781
  • By the 1750s: the network controlled by Indian merchants was breaking down
  • 1760s: the colonization of East India Company power after the 1760 did not initially lead to a decline in textile exports from India
  • By the 1850s: reports from most weaving regions of India narrated stories of decline and desolation
  • 1854: the first cotton mill in Bombay came up
  • By 1874: the first spinning and weaving mill of Madras begin production
  • Between 1900 and 1912: cotton piece production in India doubled
  • Between 1900 and 1940: cloth production expanded steadily in India specially handloom

Chapter 5

  • From 594 ad: books in China were printed by wrapping paper
  • 768 to 778ad: hand printing Technology introduced in Japan
  • 868 ad: the first and oldest Japanese book printed
  • 1295: Marco Polo returned to Italy
  • By 1448: Gutenberg perfected the printing press system
  • Between 1450 and 1550: printing press spread all over Europe
  • 15 17: religious Reform mark Martin Luther Rote 95 theses criticizing many of the practices and rituals of the Roman catholic churches
  • 1930s: Great Depression
  • 1579: first Tamil book was written in Kochin
  • 1713: the first Malayalam book was printed
  • 17 10: Dutch protestant Missionaries had printed 32 Tamil texts
  • 1821: SambadKaumudi begin to published Ram Mohan Roy
  • From 18 22: Jaam is Jahan numa and shamshul Akbar was started
  • 1867: Deoband seminary was founded
  • 1810: the Ramcharitmanas of Tulsidas came out from Calcutta
  • 1871; gulamgiri was published
  • 1878: the Vernacular Press Act
  • 1907: Punjab revolutionaries were deported
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