NCERT Exemplar Book Class 8 – Science & Maths

NCERT exemplars have been specially designed for guiding students in their exam preparation and achieving great score in final exam. Exemplars of class 8 includes detail explanation of all chapters with extensive problems and their solutions. Though students get adequate exercises in their NCERT textbooks still they have lack of different types of problems that are important from exam perspective. Besides preparing students confidently exemplars play the role of enabling students for their higher studies with its extra facts that help students to understand the critical areas of different chapters. Textbook exercises include all types of questions from short to long questions and its answers are well-described in exemplars according to exam pattern of NCERT. After completing textbooks for understanding each topic of syllabus students expect more reference books and study materials for fulfilling their learning needs. NCERT exemplars fulfil students’ expectation effectively with its vast range of problems and easily understandable solutions that comes in a compiled form to students.

NCERT Exemplar Book Class 8

Students of class 8 can undoubtedly depend on NCERT exemplars for understanding critical chapters and clearing their doubts on difficult parts of any subject. After finishing textbooks students require more resources to prepare completely with improved answer writing style for the final exam. NCERT Exemplar Book Class 8 fill the criteria students and make them well-versed in specific subjects at the same time. All the questions that are included in class 8 exemplars are important from the exam perspective. Besides exam preparation students become so strong in subjects that will be helpful for their higher studies in future. NCERT exemplars have focused in fulfilling the overall learning needs and expectations of students. These exemplars not only meet the academic goals of students but also encourage them to focus more on studies with interesting way of learning. Students usually depend on NCERT exemplars and its solutions for their exam preparation with the aim of scoring well. In the final exams, many questions come from the problems of NCERT exemplars which has made students confident with the study resources of these exemplars. With exemplars solutions students acquire high standard of answer writing style which affect in their exam performance and final score as well. Students of class 8 will get NCERT exemplars and solutions for all subjects according to the guidelines of NCERT. They can check for further practice of exemplar solutions for all subjects by clicking on the following links:

English MCQ Questions
Download Worksheets
Important Dates from Class 8 History Books
Physical Properties of Metals
Physical Properties of Non Metals
Combustible Substance

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NCERT Exemplar Book Class 8

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Exemplar Class 8 Science and Maths Book Pdf

Students of class 8 will be beneficial in the academic session if they follow NCERT exemplars and solutions effectively.

NCERT Exemplar Math Book Class 8 PDF

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Unit 1 Rational Numbers

Unit 2 Data Handling

Unit 3 Square-Square Root and Cube-Cube Root

Unit 4 Linear equation in one variable

Unit 5 Understanding Quadrilaterals & Practice Geometry

Unit 6 Visualising the solid stapes

Unit 7 Algebraic Expression, Identities & Factorisation

Unit 8 Exponents

Unit 9 Comparing Quantities

Unit 10 Direct & inverse Proportions

Unit 11 Mensuration

Unit 12 Introduct to Graphs

Unit 13 Playing with numbers


NCERT Exemplar Science Book Class 8 PDF

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Crop Production and Management

Microorganisms : Friend and Foe

Synthetic Fibres and Plastics

Materials : Metals and Non-Metals

Coal and Petroleum

Combustion and Flame

Conservation of Plants and Animals

Cell—Structure and Functions

Reproduction in Animals

Reaching the Age of Adolescence




Chemical Effects of Electric Current

Some Natural Phenomena


Stars and Solar System

Pollution of Air and Water


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