NCERT Exemplar Book Class 7 – Science & Maths

NCERT Exemplar Book Class 7: NCERT exemplars are prepared with the aim of providing relevant resources to students for their better exam preparation. Exemplars of class 7 has been beautifully designed with extensive collection of problems and their accurate solutions. Students often face troubles while solve their textbook exercises for the lack of knowledge and information. So, exemplars come in the form of rescue of students to clear all their basic doubts related to any topic of different subjects. Solutions of exemplars based on all subjects are so appropriate and easily understandable that students prefer to rely on these solutions in their practice session. NCERT textbooks have limited resources according to the syllabus and the exercises are also made with the view of all students’ convenience. Students of class 7 who want to learn more deeply with detail explanation from different perspectives should focus on these exemplars which are carefully made by experienced experts. These NCERT Exemplar Book Class 7 of all subjects not only clear the concepts and formulas of different topics to students but also make them eventually prepare for performing well in the exams.

NCERT Exemplar Book Class 7

NCERT exemplars have been structured by experts for providing vast knowledge about single topic to students. The exemplars cover all important topics with detail explanation and different types of problems that can be made. With NCERT Exemplar Book Class 7 students gather deep knowledge about subjects which make them enable to answer any type of questions from any chapter of their syllabus. The different problems and to the point solutions are also prepared according to NCERT guidelines for exam pattern which is appropriate resources for students’ exam preparation. Students of class 7 can easily understand the topics from their textbooks but NCERT exemplars make them prepare to cross all the difficulties related to any single subject. The questions of all subjects in the exemplars cover all range from easy to difficult level with which students improve their problem solving skills too and become more confident for exam. Students of class 7 can easily follow the NCERT exemplars for all subjects by clicking on the below links:

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Social Science Quiz
English MCQ Questions
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Worksheets for Class 7

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NCERT Exemplar Book Class 7

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Science and Maths


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Exemplar Class 7 Science and Maths Book PDF

With the exemplar and solutions students will get great help definitely through their journey of exam preparation.


NCERT Exemplar Math Book Class 7 PDF

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Unit 1 Integers


Unit 3 Data Handling

Unit 4 Simple Equations

Unit 5 Lines & Angles

Unit 6 Triangles

Unit 7 Comparing Quantities

Unit 8 Rational Numbers

Unit 9 Perimeter & Area

Unit 10 Algebraic Expression

Unit 11 Exponents & Powers

Unit 12 Practical Geometry


NCERT Exemplar Science Book Class 7 PDF

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Nutrition in Plants

Nutrition in Animals

Fibre to Fabric


Acids, Bases and Salts

Physical and Chemical Changes

Weather, Climate and Adaptation of Animals to Climate

Wind, Storm and Cyclone



Respiration in Organisms

Transportation in Animals and Plants

Reproduction in Plants

Motion and Time

Electric Current and Its Effects


Water : A Precious Resource

Forests : Our Lifeline

Wastewater Story


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