NCERT Exemplar Book Class 10 – Science & Maths

NCERT exemplars include complex level problems with appropriate solutions based on the syllabus of specific class. Class 10 exemplar book enable students to be well-acquainted with all types of questions that can come in their final exam. All exemplar problems and solutions of class 10 are prepared by following the CBSE syllabus on which students can rely on undoubtedly. Experts have designed the exemplars and solutions with their knowledge about students’ needs and their learning goals from academic courses. NCERT class 10 exemplars solutions present difficult problems with easy explanation which develop students’ problem solving skills. Students also become capable enough to answer any type of questions with their higher understanding level of different concepts by following NCERT exemplars and solutions. With the included advanced level questions students improve their critical thinking which enable them to answer any question in the board exam.

NCERT Exemplar Book Class 10

NCERT exemplars and solutions have arranged question papers according to exam pattern of NCERT. By practicing these exemplar and solutions students definitely be well-prepared for their board’s exam. Students will get an overview about the question pattern and marking division which will help them to practice answer writing for performing well in the exam. Following textbooks is not enough if students want to know more deeply and clear all the critical concepts earlier. NCERT Exemplar Book Class 10 have detail explanation of all chapters based on all subjects in an easier way which also encourage students to read. Besides this, the problem-solving skills and critical thinking that students acquire by following these NCERT exemplars make students capable enough to pursue their higher studies confidently. Class 10 exam is the final exam in which scoring high determines the future path in respective academic courses later. So, students expect to prepare well and perform according to their expectation in the final exam for which they want to continue their preparation with adequate resources. NCERT exemplars and solutions along with textbooks are important valid study materials that students must read for scoring well in the class 10 board’s exam. Students can get all subjects’ exemplars and solutions by clicking on the following links:

Chemical reaction
Chemical properties or Chemical reaction of acid
pH scale
Nutrition in Human Beings
Human Respiration System
Reproduction in Flowering Plants

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NCERT Exemplar Book Class 10

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Exemplar Book Class 10 Science and Maths Pdf

Students will get great help by following NCERT exemplars and solutions regularly to continue their practice session.

NCERT Exemplar Math Book Class 10 PDF

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Unit 1(Real Numbers)
Unit 2(Polynomials)
Unit 3(Pair of Liner Equation in Two Variable)
Unit 4(Quadatric Equation)
Unit 5(Arithmetic Progressions)
Unit 6(Triangles)
Unit 7(Coordinate Geometry)
Unit 8(Introduction to Trigonometry & its Equation)
Unit 9(Circles)
Unit 10(Construction)
Unit 11(Area Related To Circles)
Unit 12(Surface Areas & Volumes)
Unit 13(Statistics and Probability)

NCERT Exemplar Science Book Class 10 PDF

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Unit 1(Chemical Reactions and Equations)
Unit 2(Acids, Bases and Salts)
Unit 3(Metals and Non-metals)
Unit 4(Carbon and its Compounds)
Unit 5(Periodic Classification of Elements)
Unit 6(Life Processes)
Unit 7(Control and Coordination)
Unit 8(How do Organisms Reproduce?)
Unit 9(Heredity and Evolution)
Unit 10(Light – Reflection and Refraction)
Unit 11(The Human Eye and the Colourful World)
Unit 12(Electricity)
Unit 13 (Magnetic Effects of Electric Current)
Unit 14 (Sources of Energy)
Unit 15(Our Environment)
Unit 16(Management of Natural Resources)


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