NCERT Class 9 English Supplementary First Chapter The Lost Child Solution

NCERT Class 9 English Supplementary First Chapter The Lost Child Solution

NCERT Class 9 English Supplementary Chapter 1 Solution: Dear students Here in this post we are posted First Chapter The Lost Child full exercise questions & answer by our arts teacher. This Solution is helpful for CBSE English medium students. Download this 1st Chapter English Supplementary solution & prepare your homework.

1.) What are the things the child sees on his way to the fair? Why does he lag behind?


On the way to the fair the child saw many toy, displayed in the shops; yellow mustard field with many dragonflies, black bees, butterflies who were buzzing around and sucking nectar from the flowers. He also saw little worms coming out of their holes, dove birds a huge crowd walking towards the fair.

He lagged behind because he was getting attracted with all those things which he had seen while coming to the fair.

 2.) In the fair he wants many things. What are they? Why does he move on without waiting for an answer?


The child wanted to get his favorite sweets Burfi, then garland of Gulmohar flowers from the flower seller. He also wanted to get rainbow colored balloon and wanted to get listen to the music of the snake charmer. Lastly he wanted to ride the roundabout.

He moved on without waiting for an answer as he knew all the expected answer from his parents. He knew that his parents will never allowed him to get all these things.


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3.) When does he realise that he has lost his way? How have his anxiety and insecurity been described?


When the child asked for a ride in a roundabout from his parents and did not receive any answer, and again when he did not find them around him, he realized that he had lost his way.

When the child found himself lost he started crying deeply. His throat had become dry and felt a sudden jerk in his body. He was shouting and calling his mother and father. He was actually in a real fear and tears were rolling down from his eyes. His yellow turban came untied, his clothes become muddy and his flushed face was convulsed with fear as he was too much panic stricken and running here and there. After some time he gave up and the cries turned into mild sobs.

4.) Why does the lost child lose interest in the things that he had wanted earlier?


The lost child lost all his interest in the things that he had wanted earlier as her had lost his ways and now his only focus is to get his parents back.

5.) What do you think happens in the end? Does the child find his parents?


It is a open ended story and what happened in the end is not given here.

The answer is not exactly given by the author in this story.

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