NCERT Class 9 English Beehive Second Chapter The Sound of Music Solution

NCERT Class 9 English Beehive Second Chapter The Sound of Music Solution

NCERT Class 9 English Beehive Chapter 2 Solution: Dear students Here in this post we are posted Second Chapter The Sound of Music full exercise questions & answer by our arts teacher. This Solution is helpful for CBSE English medium students. Download this 2nd Chapter English Beehive solution & prepare your homework.

Part I
Evelyn Glennie Listens to Sound without Hearing It

(I) Answer these questions in a few words: –

(1) How old was Evelyn when she went to the Royal Academy of Music?

Ans: – Evelyn was seventeen years old when she went to the Royal Academic of Music.

(2) When was her deafness first noticed? When was it confirmed?

Ans: – When she was fight eight years old her deafness was first noticed.

When Evelyn turned eleven, her marks started deteriorating and her parents took her to a doctor. Then it was discovered that Evelyn was permanently deaf.

(II) Answer each of these questions in a short paragraph: –

(1) Who helped her to continue music? What did he do and say?

Ans: – Ron Forbes, the percussionist helped her to continue with music.

Ans: – Same as long Questions answer (Extra)

(2.) Name the various places and causes for which Evelyn performs.

Ans. At the age of sixteen Evelyn mad eher first tour to UK where she had performed with a youth Orchestra. She decided to make her courier in music and in reality also she made name in the field of music. She became a popular musician in this field. Apart from this she also did charity and used to perform in the hospitals and prisons. Evelyn also took classes for the youth musicians.

Questions No. – 2

(III) Answer the question in two or three paragraphs: –

(1) How does Evelyn hear music?

Ans: – Evelyn was so unfortunate that she lost her sense of hearing at the age of eleven. But she did not stop. To fulfill her dreams and her passion for music she went to Royal Academic of Music. Thought most of the teachers of Royal Academy of Music discouraged Evelyn, Ron Forbes decided to do something for Evelyn because he saw her real passion for music. He took two large drums and tuned them to different notes tuned them to different notes, the sound produced by the drums was different and he told Evelyn to sense it rather to listen it though ears. He taught her how to feel the music some otheway. By this the upper part of Evelyn’s body, above the waist could feel the higher notes of the drum and the lower part of her body, down from the waist could feel the lower notes of drum. In this way Ron Forbes taught Evelyn to respond to different sound.

Music created sensation in her skin, in her checkbom and even in her hair. While using xylophone she used to use sticks, so that the sound produced by the xylophone passed through the sticks and while using drums, she learned towards the drum, so that she could feel the echo flowing into her body. Again, whenever she used to perform, she performed on a wooden platform and removed her shoes, so that she could feel the vibrations of the musical instruments passed through the floor, into her feet and up her legs like this she used to identity music.

Part II The Shehnai of Bismillah Khan

Tick the right Answer:-

  1. The (shehnai, pungi) was a ‘reeded noisemaker.’


  1. (Bismillah Khan, A barber, Ali Bux) transformed the pungi into a shehnai.

Ans: – A barber.

  1. Bismillah Khan’s paternal ancestors were (barbers, professional musicians).

Ans: – Professional Musicians.

  1. Bismillah Khan learnt to play the shehnai from (Ali Bux, Paigambar Bux, and Ustad Faiyaaz Khan).

Ans: – Ali Bux.

  1. Bismillah Khan’s first trip abroad was to (Afghanistan, U.S.A., and Canada).

Ans: – Afghanistan.


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 (2) Find the words in the text which show Ustad Bismillah Khan’s feelings about the items listed below. Then mark a tick (✔) in the correct column. Discuss your answers in class.

Bismillah Khan’s feelings about Positive Negative Neutral
1. teaching children music Positive
2. the film world Negative
3. migrating to the U.S.A. Negative
4. playing at temples Positive
5. getting the Bharat Ratna Neutral
6. the banks of the Ganga Positive


7. leaving Benaras and Dumraon  



Question: (1) why did Aurangzeb ban the playing of the pungi?

Ans: – Aurangzeb banned the playing of the pungi because he did not like the sound produced by it. He considered it a reeded noise makers and the sound of it was shrill, loud and unpleasant.

Question: (2) how is a shehnai different from a pungi?

Ans: – Shehnai is different from a pungi in shape, size, and the quality of sound produced by it. It is longer and broader than the pungi and have seven holes on it. The sound produced by it is melodious and soft.

Question: (3) where was the shehnai played traditionally? How did Bismillah Khan change this?

Ans: – Shehnai was played as a part of Naubat in the temples weddings and the royal court. But afterwards Ustaad Bismillah Khan took it to the world wide platform, brought it on the stage among other classical musical instruments.

Question: (4) when and how did Bismillah Khan get his big breach?

Ans: – Bismillah Khan got his big breach when the all India Radio of Loknow opened in 1938 . He got the chance to play shehnai regularly in it.

Question: (5) where did Bismillah Khan play the shehnai on 15th August 1947? Why was the event historic?

Ans: – Bismillah Khan plays the shehnai on at the Red fort 15th August 1947.

The day was historic as it was day when India got Independence and Bismillah Khan performed after the historic speech of ‘Trust with Destiny’ by prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Question: (6) why did Bismillah Khan refuse to start a shehnai school in the USA?

Ans: – Bismillah Khan was too much attached with the temples of Benaras and the river of Ganga and he was not ready to leave that environment under any circumstances. So, he refused to start a Shehnai school in the USA.

Question: (7) find at least two instances in the text which tell you that Bismillah Khan loves India and Benaras?

Ans: – Bismillah Khan refused to start Shehnai School in the U.S.A, as because he did not want to leave Benaras as well as India under any circumstances, which proves his love for India and Benaras.

Again while receiving Bharat Ratna declared the Indian Classical music. India’s richest heritage and encouraged all the children to learn it. It proves his love for both, India and Benaras.

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