NCERT Class 9 Civics Chapter 1 What is Democracy Why Democracy Extra Questions and Answers

NCERT Extra Questions Civics Chapter 1 What is Democracy Why Democracy Short and Broad Type (Long). Here we have provided Class IX Civics Chapter 1 Very Short Type Questions i.e. 01 Mark; Short Type Questions (02 Mark) and Answers. And Long Type Questions.

Chapter 1 Civics What is Democracy Why Democracy Extra Questions will help you to Answer all MCQ Questions. CBSE Class 9 Civics Chapter 1 Worksheet with Answers by Civics Teacher. Extra Questions Worksheet for CBSE Class 9 What is Democracy Why Democracy 1st Chapter Civics.

Very Short Type Extra Questions:

Below we number-wise posted Very Short Type Questions (1); Short Type Questions with Answers (2) & Long Type Questions Worksheet.

Write the names of two different types of government.

Answer: democratic government and non democratic government (monarchy, autocracy)

Who rules over Myanmar?

Answer: the army rules over Myanmar

Write a name of a dictator of Chile

Answer: Pinochet

which type of government gives every man the right to be his own oppressor?

Answer: a democratic government

All the ills of democracy can be cured by_________

Answer: more democracy

Which foreign power was present in Iraq during the elections?

Answer: the United States of America

Who led the military coup in October 99 in Pakistan?

Answer: general pervez Musharraf

General pervez Musharraf declared himself to be the_________

Answer: chief executive of the country

In which year general pervez Musharraf changed the designation from chief executive to the president?

Answer: 2002

In which continent Syria is located?

Answer: Asia

Who dominated the the national security council of Pakistan?

Answer: the military officers

In China elections a regularly held after every____ years

Answer: 5

What is the name of China Parliament?

Answer: national people’s Congress

In China who has the power to a point the president?

Answer: the national people’s Congress has the power to appoint the president

How many members are there in Chinese national people’s Congress?

Answer: nearly 3000

In which year Mexico got independence?

Answer: 1930

Mexico holds election after every ______ Years

Answer: 6

What is  PRI?

Answer: institutional revolutionary party

How did the PRI won the elections?

Answer: by using many dirty tricks

From which year the women of Saudi Arabia got the right to vote?

Answer: 2015

In which year Zimbabwe attained Independence from white minority rule?

Answer: 1980

Which party is ruling Zimbabwe since 1980?

Answer: ZANU PF

In which year president mugabe was forced out of his office?

Answer: 2017

King of which country has declared that in future he will be guided by the advice given to him by elected representatives?

Answer. Bhutan

Who where not given a right to vote in Sri Lanka?

Answer. Many Tamil workers who migrated from India

The Indian supreme Court held that the dissolution of____Assembly was unconstitutional

Answer. Bihar

Political parties of which country have agreed that in neutral government should rule the country at the time of election?

Answer Bangladesh

During which years China was hit by a severe famine?

Answer. From 1958 to 1961

How many people died during the China famine?

Answer. Nearly 3 crore people

Short Type Questions and Answers:

What is a democracy?

Answer: democracy is a form of government in which the rulers are elected by people.Where the voice of the common people is very important for the government.

Why the government of Myanmar was not democratic?

Answer: the government of Myanmar was not democratic because the rulers were elected not by the people and the country was controlled by the army.

Why Saudi Arabia is not a democracy?

Answer:Saudi Arabia is not a democracy because the kings of Saudi Arabia rule not because the people have chosen them to do so but because they happened to be born into the royal family.

What powers does democracy give to its people?

Answer: democracy gives every man the right to be his own operation and all the ills of democracy can be cured by more democracy.

How the rulers are elected in a democracy?

Answer: the rulers in a democracy are elected by the people with the help of election and form the government.

Why Pakistan is not fully a democratic country?

Answer: Pakistan is not a fully democratic country because it is is in reality ruled by its military forces.

Who can dismiss the national and provincial assemblies in Pakistan?

Answer: in August 2002 you with a legal framework order that amended the constitution of Pakistan. According to this order the president can dismiss the national and provincial assemblies

Why China is not a true democracy?

Answer: China is not a true democracy because the ruling party e uses their power wrongly during the elections and gets elected again and again.

How a democracy should conduct its elections?

Answer: A democracy must be based on a free and fair election where those currently in power have a fair chance of losing

What is the voting system in Fiji?

Answer: In Fiji the electoral system is such that the vote of an indigenous Fiji has more value than that of an Indian fijian

What is the value of a vote in a democracy?

Answer: each vote is important in a democracy. In a democracy each adult citizen must have one vote and each vote must have one value.

What is rule of law?

Answer: rule of law is one of the main characteristics of a democracy. It means that no one is above the law of the state be it the president for any common people.

What are the importance of people’s right in a democracy?

And: equal right to every citizen is one of the main characteristic features of a democracy. a democratic government rules within limits set by constitutional law and citizens rights

What is the perfect definition of a democracy?

Answer: Democracy is a form of government in which the rulers are elected by the people and the people have equal right and all the people are same under the rule of law.

Name the websites which have been banned by the Chinese government?

Answer: Google and Yahoo

Why a democratic government is a better government?

Answer: A democratic government is a better government because it is more accountable form of government than that of any kind of other government.

How does democracy improve the quality of decision making?

Answer: A democratic decision always involves many persons discussions and meetings does it improves the quality of decision making

What is a representative democracy?

Answer: a representative democracy is is a form of government which is ruled by the representatives who are elected by the common people (universal adult franchise)

Long Type Questions:

1) Write the salient features of a democracy?

2) Write few reasons why Pakistan should not be called a democracy under general Musharraf?

3) How in a democracy the final decision making power rest with those elected by the people,?

4) Elaborately describe rule of law and respect for rights with suitable examples

5) What are the positives of a government which is is formed with the rulers who are elected by the people?

6) A democratic  government is a better government because it is a more accountable form of government. Explain

7) Democracy provides a method to deal with differences and conflicts. How?

8) How does democracy enhance the dignity of citizens?

9) How does a democracy allow us to correct our own mistakes?

10) Why a democratic country is a happier country then monarchy?

11) Right  five arguments against democracy e and 5 in  the favour of democracy.

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