NCERT Class 8 English Honeydew Second Chapter The Tsunami Exercise Question Solution

NCERT Class 8 English Honeydew Second Chapter The Tsunami Exercise Question Solution

Now read the sentences below. Rewrite the incorrect ones after correcting the mistakes. (Page No 24)

(1) Katchall is an Island.

Ans. Right.

(2) It is part of the Andaman group of Islands. (Wrong)

Ans: – It is part of Nicobar group of Islands.

(3) Nancowry is an island in the Nicobar group. (Wrong)

Ans: – Nancowry is Nicobar group of Island

(4) Katchall and Nancowry are more than a hundred miles apart. (Wrong)

Ans: – Katchall and Nancowry are not hundred miles apart.

They are less than hundred miles apart

(5) The Andaman and Nicobar islands are to the west of India. (Wrong)

Ans: – The Andaman and Nicobar islands are to the East of India

(6) The Nicobar island is to south of the Andaman island. (Wrong)

Ans: – The Nicobar Island is to the south of Andaman Island.


Comprehension check (Page No. 27)

True or False

(1) Ignesious last his wife, two children, his father in law, and his brother in law in the tsunami. (T)

(2) Sanjeev made it to safety after a tsunami (F)

(3) Meghna was saved by a relief helicopter. (F)

(4) Almas father realised that a tsunami was going to hit the island. (T)

(5) Her mother and aunts were washed away with the tree that they were holding on to. (T)


Comprehension cheek (Page No. 28)

(1) Why did Tilly’s family come to Thailand?

Ans: – To celebrate Christmas Tilly’s family came to Thailand.

(2) What were the warning signs that both Tilly and her mother saw?

Ans: – Tilly’s mother saw that the water was swelling and coming closer and the beach was getting smaller and smaller.

Tilley also noticed that the sea slowly started to rise, foam and bubbles and form whirlpools in it.

 (3) Do you think Tilly’s mother was alarmed by them?

Ans: – Tilly’s mother initially did not understand what was happening but when she saw her frightened daughter hysterically screaming that it was a tsunami, she understood the seriousness of the condition.

(4) Where had Tilly seen the sea behaviour in the same strange fashion?

Ans: – Tilly saw the sea behaving in a same strange during her geography lesson when fashions her geography teachers had shown her class the video and told them that Tsunami can be caused by earthquakes, volcanoes and landsides.

(5) Where did the smith family and the others on the beach go to escape from the Tsunami?

Ans: – The Smiths family and the others on the beach went to the third floor of the hotel to escape from the Tsunami.

(6) How do you think her geography teacher felt when he heard about what Tilly had done in Phuket?

Ans: – Her geography teacher must have felt very proud for reason that is the way Tilly alarmed one fellow tourists and helped them save their lives.

Comprehension check (Page No. 30)

(1) In Tsunami 150,000 people died, how many animals died?

Ans: – Only two water buffaloes died at the Yala national park.

(2) How many people and animals died in Yala national park?

Ans: – 60 visitors and two buffaloes died at the Yala national park.

(3) What do people say about the elephants of Yala national park?

Ans: – People said that the elephants of Yala national park were seen screaming and running for the high ground just before the Tsunami hit.

(4) What did the dogs in galle do?

Ans: – The dogs did not go on their daily run on the beach.

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