NCERT Class 8 Civics Chapter 10 Law and Social Justice Extra Questions

NCERT Class 8 Civics Chapter 10 Law and Social Justice Extra Questions and Answers

Class 8 Civics Chapter 10 Extra Inside Questions and Answers – Law and Social Justice. Here in this Page Class VIII Students can Learn Extra Questions & Answer 10th Chapter Civics fully Inside.

We Provided Here Law and Social Justice Civics Chapter 10 Long Answer Type Question, MCQ Questions & Answer, Short Answer Type Questions (2 or 3 marks), and Very Short answer Type Question (1 marks) Solution.

Class 8 Civics Chapter 10 Extra Question with Answer – Law and Social Justice

Social and Political Life III (Civics) Chapter 10 Law and Social Justice Class 8 Inside 5 Marks, 3 marks, 2 Marks & And 1 Marks Important Questions and Answers.

Chapter 10 Extra Questions (Short Type Questions, Broad Type Questions)

1) Why does the government make law?

2) Why do we need a law on minimum wage?

3) What is minimum wage?

4) What is the relationship between minimum wage and workers rights?

5) What are the problems faced by the workers in our society regarding minimum wage?

6) Law on minimum wages which is meant to protect workers there are also laws that protect the interest of producers and consumers in the market. Who are the producers and consumers?

7) Who sets the minimum wages?

8) Write about the implementation of minimum wages law? Are the laws being violated?

9) What is right against exploitation?

10) No child below the age of_____ yes shall be employed to work in any factory or mines or engaged in any other hazardous employment.

11) How are these laws are played out in practice?

12) Aaj these laws have any relation with social Justice?

13) According to the census 2011 over_____million children in India aged between 5 and 14 work in various occupations including hazardous once.

14) What is PENCIL?


16) What was Bhopal gas tragedy? How many people died in the tragedy?

17) How did Bhopal gas tragedy happen?

18) why the Indian labour are paid very less but they have to work for longer hours?

19) Compare UC safety and the safety of Bhopal And its other plant in US?

20) Why there shark differences in safety standards across countries?

21) What are the relations between right to life under article 21 and labour safety laws?

22) What do you think enforcement of safety laws is important in an factory?

23) What are the problems in implementation of labour safety laws in India? Describe in detail

24) What are the roles of the enforcement agency of the labour protection laws?

25) Describe new laws to protect the environment?

26) Why the pumps and wells are painted red by the government around the UC factory in Bhopal?

27) What did the government do in response to the pressure from environmental activists after the Bhopal incident?

28) A clean environment is a public facility. Explain the sentence

29) Why are companies and contractors able to violate environmental laws?

30) What was Subhash Kumar versus state of Bihar 1991 case?

31) Is environment a public facility? Elaborate

32) In what other ways the environment can be protected?

33) What are the advantages to foreign companies in setting up production in India?

34) Do you think the victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy got justice?

35) write a paragraph on various roles of the government that you have read about in this unit

36) Who is a consumer?

37) Who is the producer?

38) What is investment?

39) What is foreign investment?

40) What are workers Union?What are their objectives?

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