NCERT Class 7 English Honeycomb Fifth Chapter Quality Solution

NCERT Class 7 English Honeycomb Fifth Chapter Quality Solution

NCERT Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 5 Solution: Dear students Here in this post we are posted Fifth Chapter Quality full exercise questions & answer by our arts teacher. This Solution is helpful for CBSE English medium students. Download this 5th Chapter English Honeycomb solution & prepare your homework.

(Page – 78)  Working with the text

(1) What was the author’s opinion about Mr. Gessler as a boot marks?

Ans:- Mr. Gessler was a perfectionist in making boots. He made the best boots in London. And made only what was ordered to him. The author it seems to him very mysterious and wonderful.

(2) Why did the author visit the shop so infer quality?

Ans:- According to the author, it was not possible for him to visit his shop regularly because the boots he made lasted too long. So, he visited the shop so infrequently.

(3) What was the effect on Mr. Gessler of the author’s remarks about a certain pair of boots?

Ans:- Mr. Gessler looked at him for a while without any answer, and expecting him to withdraw his words. He asked the author to bring those boots to repair and if he could not repair them, he would return the bill to the author.

(4) What was Mr. Gessler’s complaint against “Big firms”?

Ans:- Mr. Gessler said that in big cities the large firms attracts their customers by advertising products and there was no importance of art. So, due to big firms, the small shops were getting less customers day by day.

(5) Why did author order so many pairs of boots? Did he really need them?

Ans:- No, the author did not really need so many pairs of boots. He just ordered in order to help Mr. Gessler personally and in financial case.

(Page -78)  Working with Language


 (i) After a very long spell of heat, the weather is —– at last?

Ans:- Looking up.

 (ii) We have no right to —- people who do small jobs.

Ans:- Look up to.

 (iii) Nitim has always —– his uncle, who is a self made man.

Ans:- Looked up to.

 (iv) The police are —– the matter thoroughly.

Ans:- Looking into.

 (v) If you want to go out. I will —– the children for you.

Ans:- Look after.

 (vi) I promise to —– on your brother when i visit luck now next.

Ans:- Look in.

 (vii) —– when you are crossing the main road

Ans:- Look out.

Initial Medial Final
Sheep Anxious Trash
Shriek Portion Mash
Shore Ashes Polish
Sure Pushing Fish
shoe Fashion  

 (4) (i) Feature (ii) Archery (iii) Picture (iv) Reaching (v) Nature vi) Matches (vii) Riches (viii) Batch (ix) Church.

(Page – 80)   Speaking

 (1) Do you think Mr. Gessler was a failure as a bookmaker or as a competitive businessman?

Ans:- Mr. Gessler was the best bootmaker in London and the customers were very much happy and satisfied with the boots he made for them. But as a competitive businessman, he failed to achieve that because all the money he earned were spent on his rent and buying leathers. So, he could not afford to make an advertisement like other large firms thus, he was successful as a bookmaker, not as a competitive business.

 (2) What is that significance of the title? To whom or to what does it refer?

Ans:- The significance of the title of the story “Quality” is perfectly matched because the boots made by Mr. Gessler are of best quality. But no one matters the quality, rather goes with luxury and advertisement. Thus, the money he earned are all spent on his rent and buying leather.

 (3)  Notice the way Mr. Gessler speak English this English in influenced by his mother tongue. He speak English with an accent.

Ans:- Yes, Mr. Gessler was a Garman man and in his English language, there was a Garman accent.

(5) If i leave this country, i will miss my parents, teachers and all my lovely friends.

  • There are some things which you can get only here, for example independence day, any festivals, birthday that we every year.
  • There are some special days i will miss, particularly Durga puja, Holi, Diwali, Navratri, etc.
  • Most of all i will miss siblings because they are the one i spend all y time tougher.
  • I think its impossible for me to leave my country because to live for away from loved ones like my parents, friends, etc would be quite difficult for me and i can’t imagine to leave my own place.
  • How can you leave your own country except when its argent or work related.
  • Depends on ones intention, i can’t leave for good because its, quite impossible to survive without my parents.
  • May be for a couple of years i may try to survive there.

(Page – 82)  Writing

(1) Last month my aunt decided to visit her, parents and my uncle was alone at home due to the absence of my aunt, he had to make food himself. My uncle is very absent minded. To cook, he put some vegetables on the stove and he went to clean his bicycle outside the house. Later he forgot about the vegetables that he put on the stove and suddenly one of his neighbours rushed towards him telling about something is burning in his kitchen. As he remembered about the vegetables on the stove, he ran towards his kitchen. Hurrying up to save his vegetables, he put came oil in it unfortunately, later he come to know that he put his machine oil instead of cooking oil. Therefore, the vegetables were all burnt and spoiled. He could not eat them and threw it away.

NCERT Class 7 English Solution Honeycomb

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