NCERT Class 6 Science Sixth Chapter Changes Around Us Solution

NCERT Class 6 Science Sixth Chapter Changes Around Us Solution

NCERT Class 6 Science Chapter 6 Solution: Dear students Here in this post we are posted Sixth Chapter Changes Around Us full exercise questions & answer by our science teacher. This Solution is helpful for CBSE English medium students. Download this 6th Chapter Science solution & prepare your homework.

Q1.To walk through a waterlogged area, you usually shorten the length of your dress by folding it. Can this change be reversed?

Ans- Yes this change can be reversed by removing the folds of dress. To walk through a waterlogged area we fold the dress and walk, we can remove the folds and make it as it is hence, the change can be reversed.

Q2. You accidentally dropped your favourite toy and broke it. This is a change you did not want. Can this change be reversed?

Ans- Yes this change can be reversed by sticking the broken toy by glue or fevicol. If the toy is accidentally dropped down and it breaks then we can reverse the change by sticking it and we can play with the same toy.

Q3. Some changes are listed in the following table. For each change, write in the blank column, whether the change can be reversed or not.


Can be reversed (yes/no)
The sawing of a piece of wood


The melting of ice candy

Dissolving sugar in water


The cooking of food

The ripening of mango


Souring of milk


Q4. A drawing sheet changes when you draw a picture on it. Can you reverse this change?

Ans- When we draw a picture on drawing sheet the drawing sheets changes. This cant be reversed because the white drawing sheets turns into colourful picture. If it can be reversed then the drawn picture on drawing sheet can be rubbed by eraser. In this way the change can be reversed.

Q5. Give examples to explain the difference between the changes that can and cannot be reversed.

Ans- In our surroundings there are some changes which can be reversed and cannot be reversed. Changes which can be reversed are that which after a change can be same as first it was. The changes which can’t be reversed are the changes that do not remain same as first it was.

Some examples are as follows:-

  • Changes can be reversed- The wet clothes to dry clothes , cold milk to hot milk these are the examples in which changes can be reversed.
  • Changes can’t be reversed- The batter to idli, raw egg to boiled egg, grain to its flour these are the examples in which the changes can’t be reversed.

Q7. A bag of cement lying in the open gets wet due to rain during the night. The next day the sun shines brightly. Do you think the changes, which have occurred in the cement, could be reversed?

Ans- Yes this change can be reversed by drying in sunlight. The wet cement bag due to sunlight becomes dry and it will be as it is. The change can be reversed.

More Extra Questions and Answers

Q1. List the some of common changes which we observe in our daily life, it can be reversed or not.


Can be reversed (yes/no)
Raw egg to boiled egg


Cold milk to hot milk

Wet clothes to dry clothes


Grains to flour

Milk to paneer


Q2. Explain the changes which occur in our surroundings.

Ans- There are many changes which occur in our surroundings in our daily life. The changes occur in us also i.e. we grow taller, bigger this is change in our body by which we can see our growth. Some changes are as follows:-

  • We make roti from dough of the flour. Preparing roti from dough is the change we observe which can’t be reversed.

  • We can make a toy aeroplane by paper. The aeroplane can be prepared by folding in particular order which can be played. This can be reversed by removing the folding and make it as paper again.

  • We can draw a picture of aeroplane on drawing sheet and can be separated by cutting in the way it is drawn. This change can’t be reversed.

Q3. What happens when you blow a balloon and prick it? Observe the change is reversed or not.

Ans- A balloon when it is blowed the size and shape changes. When we take a balloon it is very small size and when you blow it the air is fixed in a balloon and the size becomes bigger the shape turns into a round shape. When you prick this balloon it bursts and can’t be used again. This is the change which can’t be reversed after pricking. Before pricking the change can be reversed.

Q4. When we light up a candle what change do you observe?

Ans- Candle first should be measured for the observation. Take the measured candle and light up the candle for few minutes. Blow out the candle, we observe that the length of candle is decreased. This change can’t be reversed.

Q5. What do you think the changes occur naturally?

Ans- Some changes in our surroundings occur naturally and some changes are done by man made activities. The natural change is our growth and development. We see many changes during our growth, we grow up increasing height and weight. This is naturally occurring change can’t be reversed the changes in body. Other changes like blowing a balloon changes its shape and size, raw egg is turned into boiled egg, batter is turned into idli, cool milk is turn into hot milk etc. These are the changes and can be reversed and can’t be reversed.

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