Natural Resources Class 9 Notes Karnataka Board

Natural Resources Class 9 Notes

Here in this post we provided Natural Resources Notes Karnataka Board Class 9. All Questions Answer are Very Important. Students who are searching for Natural Resources Notes can follow this post.

Here we provided MCQ Questions, Very Short Questions, Short Questions, Long Questions and Others. Hope our Notes will help you.

Q.1 Multiple Choice Questions

1.) Plants and Animals are __resources.

(a) Biotic (b) Abiotic(c) renewable

2 .) ___is also polluted by the agricultural and household activities.

(a) Air (b) water (c) soil

3 .) There is a ___between nature and our use of natural resources.

(a) Concern (b) backbone (c) balance

4.) Earth’s total bio-capacity was _____Billion Gha.

(a ) 12 (b)14 (c) 13

5.) ____are naturally occurring substances that are considered valuable in their natural form.

(a) Human resources (b)Natural resources (c) Materials resources

Answers keys

1.) (a) 2.(b) 3.(c) 4.(a) 5.(b)

Q.2.Answer the following questions (V. Short)

1.) Which resources are derived from living organisms.

Ans: Biotic resources.

2.) Which resources are derived from nonliving components?

Ans: Abiotic resources

3.) What are the Abiotic resources ?

Ans: water , soils , minerals etc.

4.) Which are the burning fossils fuels ?

Ans: The burning fossil fuels are coal, diesel and petrol which occur air pollution .

Q.3. Answer the following questions (Short)

1.) What is Renewable resources ?

Ans: Some natural resources get replenished as we use them which are called renewable resources .

2.) What are the Natural Resources ?

Ans: The sunlight , water ,air , forests , soil, bio-diversity , mineral ores etc are the Natural Resources.

3.) What does the increasing population require? And Why?

Ans: Overpopulation requires additional land for growing additional food and providing shelter which is met through conversion of forests land into agriculture land which falls into residential , commercial and industrial land .

Q.4. Answer the following questions (Long)

1.) What is difference between Renewable and Non-renewable resources ?

Ans: Renewable Resources: There are some natural resources get replenished as we use them .These resources are called renewable resources. Examples: water , land ,forest ,air ,and heat etc.

Non-renewable resources: There are some natural resources get depleted as we go on using them. Eventually they are emptied and cannot be created again. Examples: minerals like iron ore , copper , gold , manganese etc.

2 .) How can it be done conservation?

Ans: Conservation can be done by adopting the 4 R strategy as follows 1.) Reduce: we can reduce air pollution by reducing the use of our vehicles .2.) Reuse: The water that was used for bathing can be used for gardening . 3.) Recharge and Regenerate: All rain water harvesting efforts recharge ground water . 4.) Research: Solar or Wind energy is a renewable alternative to the energy we use.

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