Multiple Choice Question The Fun They Had

Multiple Choice Question The Fun They Had

Multiple Choice Question and Answer The Fun They Had NCERT Class 9 Chapter 1.

Choose the correct option (MCQ):-

(1) How old is Tommy?

(a) 11 years

(b) 10 years

(c) 13 years

(d) 15 years

Ans: – (c) 13 years

(2) Where did Tommy find the old book?

(a) Storeroom

(b) living room

(c) Bedroom

(d) Dining room

Ans: – (a) Storeroom

(3) Who was carrying a whole box of the looks with dials and wires.

(a) Mechanical Teacher

(b) Country Inspector

(c) Margie’s Grandfather

(d) Human Teacher

Ans: – (b) Country Inspector

(4) “And all the kids learned the same thing” – if they were –

(a) Age between 11 to 13 years

(b) The same age

(c) Different age

(d) Age between 9 to 12 years.

Ans: – (b) the same age

(5) “And that each kid has to be taught differently” – who said this?

(a) Margie

(b) The virtual teacher

(c) Tommy’s Grandfather

(d) Margie’s Mother.

Ans: – (d) Margie’s mother

(6) Why did Margie’s mother call her?

(a) To finish her homework

(b) To go to school

(c) To attend virtual class

(d) To eat

Ans: – (c) To attend virtual class

(7) Meaning of nonchalantly is –

(a) Enthusiastically

(b) Strongly

(c) Carefully

(d) Carelessly

Ans: – (d) Carelessly

(8) Where did Tommy place the book while going back to his home?

(a) Under his arm

(b) On the table

(c) Inside his pocket

(d) Inside his bag

Ans: – (a) Under his arm

(9) What are the three subjects mentioned in the text?

(a) History, Geography, Bengali

(b) Arithmetic, History, Geography

(c) Arithmetic, Physics, History

(d) Hindi, Geography, History

Ans: – (b) Arithmetic, History, Geography

(10) Who hated the word “School”?

(a) Margie,

(b) Tommy

(c) Margie’s Method

(d) Tommy’s father

Ans: – (a) Margie

(11) What is the name of Margie’s mother?

(a) Mrs. Jones

(b) Mrs. Roe

(c) Mrs. Philips

(d) Mrs. Blake

Ans: – (a) Mrs. Jones

(12) Who found the real book?

(a) Margie

(b) Tommy

(c) Tommy’s Mom

(d) Jimmy

Ans: – (b) Tommy

(13) “Sure he is. My father knows as much as my teacher.” – Who said this?

(a) Margie

(b) Margie’s Grandfather

(c) Tommy

(d) Margie’s Mother

Ans: – (c) Tommy

(14) The story is set in –

(a) Future, 2150

(b) Present, 2018

(c) Present, 2020

(d) Future, 2157

Ans: – (d) Future, 2157

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