Modals Class 6 English Grammar Worksheet

Modals Class 6 English Grammar Worksheet

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1.) Fill in the blanks with appropriate Modals. (10 marks)

a.) I ________ go to the party if I finish my homework.\

b.) Rani ________ play the piano when she was younger.

c.) Shreyasi ________ ask her parents for permission to go on the school trip.

d.) ________ I open the window? It’s getting hot in here.

e.) Ram ________ read the instructions before assembling the furniture.

f.) Suraj ____ take a break if he is over stressed.

g.) Ria ______ speak Asamese fluently.

h.) Priya ______ have her medicine before dinner.

i.) Students ________ complete their assignments on time.

j.) Priti ________ take the train to commute to work every day.

2.) Rewrite the following sentences using the correct modals. (10 Marks)

a.) Ram ought to have asked for permission before using the computer.

b.) Sami might not have understood the task correctly.

c.) Jagadish may have missed the bus this morning.

d.) We could visit the park if it doesn’t rain.

e.) I am not sure if Roy will come to school today.

f.) We should ask for help if we need it.

g.) Riya might have left her keys at home.

h.) Papia could have missed the bus this morning.

i.) We could have helped you with your presentation if you had asked.

j.) We should have studied together for the science exam.

3.) Identify the modals from the following sentences. (10 marks)

a.) She might have left her phone at home.

b.) You ought to have notified the teacher about your absence.

c.) He might have forgotten his keys at home.

d.) You ought to study for the upcoming exam.

e.) She can sing beautifully.

f.) I should have gone to bed earlier last night.

g.) They may have misplaced their keys somewhere.

h.) She may not have received the email yet.

i.) She could have attended the concert last night.

j.) You ought to have arrived earlier to get good seats.

4.) Write an informal letter to your friend regarding the school trip that you are going to. Describe the activities you feel you could do there. Remember to use the correct modal verbs. (10 Marks)

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