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New Learning Mathematics VII by M.L. Aggarwal for CBSE, Mathematics, Class 7 by APC Books. Here we are provided ML Aggarwal Solution for Class 7 (CBSE / NCERT Board). ML Aggarwal Class 7 Math Homework solutions for CBSE medium Students.

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ML Aggarwal Class 7 Solution CBSE (APC New Learning Mathematics)

Author Name ML Aggarwal
Class 7 (VII)
Book Name APC New Learning Mathematics Class VII (Avichal Publishing Company)

CBSE Book Of ML Aggarwal Class 7 Solution

ML Aggarwal Class 7 Math Solution Chapter wise here to download. For any of problems at any chapter feel free to contact us through comment box.

ML Aggarwal Class 7 CBSE Math Chapter – wise Solution:

1.) Integers

Exercise 1.1 Solution

Exercise 1.2 Solution

Exercise 1.3 Solution

Exercise 1.4 Solution

Exercise 1.5 Solution
2.) Fractions and Decimals

Exercise 2.1 Solution

Exercise 2.2 Solution

Exercise 2.3 Solution

Exercise 2.4 Solution

Exercise 2.5 Solution

Exercise 2.6 Solution

Exercise 2.7 Solution

3.) Rational Numbers

Exercise 3.1 Solution

Exercise 3.2 Solution

Exercise 3.3 Solution
4.) Exponents and Powers

Exercise 4.1 Solution

Exercise 4.2 Solution

Exercise 4.3 Solution

5.) Algebraic Expressions

Exercise 5.1 Solution

Exercise 5.2 Solution

Exercise 5.3 Solution

6.) Linear Equations

Exercise 6.1 Solution

Exercise 6.2 Solution

7.) Ratio and Proportion

Exercise 7.1 Solution

Exercise 7.2 Solution

Exercise 7.3 Solution

8.) Percentage and its Application

Exercise 8.1 Solution

Exercise 8.2 Solution

Exercise 8.3 Solution

9.) Lines and Angles

Exercise 9.1 Solution

Exercise 9.2 Solution
10.) Triangle and its Properties

Exercise 10.1 Solution

Exercise 10.2 Solution

Exercise 10.3 Solution

Exercise 10.4 Solution

Exercise 10.5 Solution
11.) Congruence of Triangle

Exercise 11.1 Solution

Exercise 11.2 Solution
12.) Practical Geometry
13.) Perimeter and Area

Exercise 13.1 Solution

Exercise 13.2 Solution

Exercise 13.3 Solution

14.) Symmetry

Exercise 14.1 Solution

Exercise 14.2 Solution

15.) Visualising Solid Shapes

Exercise 15.1 Solution

Exercise 15.2 Solution

Exercise 15.3 Solution

16.) Data Handling

Exercise 16.1 Solution

Exercise 16.2 Solution

Exercise 16.3 Solution

Exercise 16.4 Solution


ML Aggarwal Book is also a important Book for CBSE Class 7 Students. Lots of Challenging questions at this book. For any kind of problem during solution please comment us. Thank You.

Important FAQ

Is ML Aggarwal Solution is helpful for Class 7?

Yes. The book comprises so many math problems with mixed up with easy and hard type maths.

How many chapters are there in ML Aggarwal Class 7 Maths?

There are total 16 chapters including chapters like Integers, Perimeter and area, Percentage, Data Handling etc.

Where i will find ML Aggarwal Class 7 Ste-by-Step Solution?

This is the page. Here we have given step-by-step math solutions with respective math rules and their formation.

How many math rules are there in ML Aggarwal Class 7?

Class 7 maths includes several rules i.e. rules of perimeter, area, p/q and q not equal to 0, mean, mode, median etc.