Meeting at night Summary WB Board Class 11 English

Meeting at night Summary WB Board Class 11 English

Meeting at night

Robert Browning

Name – Robert Browning
Born – 1812
Death – 1889

About author:- Robert Browning was an English poet and playwright from the nineteenth century. Browning’s major works include the Last Ride Together, My last Duchees, fra Lippo Lippi. The pied piper of Hamelin is a famous children’s verse written by him.

In the poem, the poet describe a journey that ends in a secret meeting between lovers, the poet describe the journey and the meeting in detail. He poem concludes with the delighted meeting of the lover by a farm near the sea beach.


In his poem, Browning describe the journey to the clandestine meeting between two lovers. The poem is divided into two stanzas o six lines each. The first stanza describe a journey by boat through the grey sea towards a stretch of black land. There is a yellow half-moon in the sky. The speaker sails through  choppy waves. Then the boat is pushed up on the soft sand of an inlet.

The second stanza talks about the  actual meeting place of the lovers. Beyond thee fields, a tap from the outside on a window pane and the igniting of a match, announces the arrival of the lover. In the excitement of the meeting, the lover’s heart beat louder than their whispered voices.

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  1. Give me answers please.
    (1)What adjectives does Browning use to describe the waves?
    (2)What appears in Browning’s ‘Meeting at Night’ after the three fits?

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