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On this page we have uploaded MBOSE HSSLC Class 12 Question Paper for Biology released by www.mbose.in. The question paper provided here from Meghalaya State Board. Download the 2022 question paper pdf as well.

MBOSE Class 12 Biology Question Paper 2022Meghalaya State Board has published subject wise question paper for this year Class 12 students in its official portal www.mbose.in. Here we have published Class 12 MBOSE question paper 2022-23 for Biology subject. For more information regarding Meghalaya HSSLC Class 12, 2022 Exam Date, Exam Pattern, Time, Date, How to prepare follow our website.

Meghalaya Board (MBOSE) HSSLC Class 12 Question Papers – Biology Subject

Group – A

Choose and write the correct answer of the following (any ten):

(1) Embryo sac of an angiosperm is homologous to

(a) megaspore

(b) female gametophyte

(c) sporangium

(d) microspore

(2) A clone is a group of individuals obtained through

(a) sexual reproduction

(b) hybridization

(c) asexual reproduction

(d) cross-pollination

(3) Which of the following nitrogenous bases is not present in DNA?

(a) Thymine

(b) Adenine

(c) Guanine

(d) Uracil

(4) Which of the following gases is responsible for the puffed-up appearance of the dough?

(a) NH3

(b) CO2

(c) O2

(d) CH4

(5) Which hormone is involved in lactation?

(a) Prolactin

(b) Testosterone

(c) Thyroxine

(d) Vasopressin

(6) In recombinant DNA technology, the term ‘vector’ refers to

(a) the enzyme that cuts DNA into restriction fragments

(b) the sticky end of a DNA fragment

(c) a plasmid used to transfer DNA into a living cell

(d) a DNA fragment which carries only ori gene

(7) Influx of an individual into the population is

(a) emigration

(b) immigration

(c) natality

(d) mortality

(8) Hot spots are the examples of

(a) in-situ conservation

(b) ex-situ conservation

(c) wildlife protection

(d) water conservation

(9) Common cold—the most infectious human ailment is caused by

(a) Rhinoviruses

(b) Streptococcus pneumoniae

(c) Salmonella typhi

(d) Plasmodium vivax

(10) Klinefelter’s syndrome is characterized by a karyotype of

(a) XYY

(b) XO

(c) XXX

(d) XXY

(11) Which layer of microsporangium provides nutrition to the developing pollen grains?

(a) Epidermis

(b) Endothecium

(c) Tapetum

(d) Endodermis

(12) The wings of a bird and that of an insect are

(a) Analogous structures

(b) Homologous structures

(c) Vestigial structures

(d) Useless structures

Group – B

Answer the following questions in one sentence each (any five):

(13) Define geitonogamy.

(14) Define mutation.

(15) What is totipotency?

(16) What is the full form of PCR?

(17) What is apiculture?

(18) Name the two major groups of cells required to attain immunity.

(19) What does the term ‘standing state’ of soil signify?

Group – C

(20) Write four characteristic features of entomophilous flower.

(21) At what stage of menstrual cycle corpus luteum is formed in human female? Name the hormone produced by corpus luteum.


Draw a well labelled diagram of a seminiferous tubule (transverse section).

(22) State the Hardy-Weinberg principle.


Write down the four major characteristics of genetic code.

(23) Define biomagnification. Give an example. 

(24) What are biofertilizers? Give examples.

Group – D

Answer the following questions (any ten):

(25) Explain the process of double fertilization with the help of a suitable diagram.

(26) What is incomplete dominance? Work out a cross between red flower and white flower of Mirabilis jalapa to show incomplete dominance. Give the phenotypic and genotypic ratios.

(27) What is DNA fingerprinting? Give the full form of VNTR. List two applications of DNA fingerprinting.

(28) Define plant breeding. What are the major objectives of plant breeding?

(29) What are ecological pyramids? Describe the pyramid of energy with a diagram.

(30) Define vaccine. Describe the principle of vaccination with an example.

(31) Write briefly the applications of biotechnology in agriculture.

(32) (a) During translation, tRNA brings which amino acid for the initiation codon AUG?

(b) In which cell organelles translation occurs?

(c) Name the type of bond formed between the amino acids in a protein chain.

(33) What is insulin? How is human insulin genetically engineered?

(34) What is tumour? Differentiate between benign and malignant tumours.

(35) What do you understand by ozone layer depletion? Describe how depletion of ozone layer occurs in stratosphere.

(36) What is natural method of contraception? Briefly describe any one method.

Group – E

(37) State Mendel’s law of independent assortment. Describe the law with an appropriate dihybrid cross.


Define fertilization. Where does it occur in human female? Describe the process briefly.

(38) Give an account of transcription process in bacteria with suitable diagrams.


Describe the tools used in recombinant DNA technology.

(39) Explain the flow of energy in an ecosystem with the help of suitable diagrams.


Define ecological succession. Explain the process of xerarch succession.

MBOSE Class 12 Biology Question Paper 2022 PDF

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