Manganese – Learn all details regarding Manganese in Periodic Table i.e. Atomic Mass, Number, Physical, Chemical properties, Electronic configuration, Valency, Chemical reaction, Uses


Manganese is 5 th element present in transition metal series . It is found in the earth crust in the form of mineral with combined form of iron . 5 th most elements present in earth crust . In world it is distributed in the form of oxide and carbonates Manganese show hard, brittle , lustrous properties. Nuts ,tea, parsley, whole grain are rich in manganese . Our body require 12 milligram manganese . Manganese is important for milk production in nursing mother .also important for good digestion .


manganese is discovered in 1774 by scientist johan Gottlieb Gahn

Origin of name :. The name is originated from two word , by latin word magnes. Meaning of this word is magnet and magnesia nigra meaning of this word is black manganese

Physical properties :

1) Atomic symbol: manganese is denoted by symbol Mn

2) Atomic number : atomic number of manganese is 25 In manganese 25 proton a 25 electron is present

3) Atomic weight/ mass: atomic weight of manganese is 54.9 approximately 55

In manganese 25 proton and 30 neutron is present

4) Position : it is place in periodic table at 4 th period (row ) and 6 thcolumn ( group) It is 1 element in 6 group 5) Block : it is place in d block Outer electron present in d shell

6) Colour : manganese show silver colour

7) Odour :. Manganese is odourless metal

8) State : it is present in solid state

9) Boiling point : boiling point of manganese is 20610 C

10) Melting point : melting point of manganese is 12460 C

11) Isotopes: Manganese show only one stable isotope 55Mn : atomic weight of this isotope is 54.9 . Amu

It is present 100% in nature

But some radioactive isotopes is also present .Amu

Chemical properties :

1) Electronic configuration

Electronic configuration of manganese is 1S2 2S2 2P6 3S2 3P6 3d5 4S2

Electronic configuration in concert of shell is 2,8,13,2

2) Electronic structure: in manganese 2 electron present in K shell, 8 electrons present in L shell. 13 electron present in M shell and 2 electron present in N shell

4)Valency :. Manganese show valency 2,3,4,5,6,7

In manganese maximum 7 electron present in outer shell hence it show valency like that

5) Atomic radius : atomic Radius of manganese is 161 pm 6) Reactivity : it is reactive element


It is useful for body in the form of enzyme

It is use in fertilizer for soil to increase manganese contain in soil

It is also use as a catalyst . It is act as a oxidising agent d. It is use to make rubber .

It is act as a decolourising agent for glass

It is also use as s fungicide

It is use batteries of dry cells

Black brown pigment of manganese use in paints

Manganese is added in steel to improve strength .

It is use in medicine to increase immune system and regulate blood sugar level. Also useful for reproduction. k. It is mainly use to make railway track , rifle, barrels, prison bras


Question and Answer:

Q1. Define Manganese

Q2. Who discovered Manganese?

Q2. Physical properties of Manganese

Q4. Write Atomic Symbol of Manganese.

Q5. Write the Atomic number of Manganese.

Q6. On which block Manganese element is present?

Q7. What is the color of Manganese?

Q8. What is the Boiling point of Manganese?

Q9. What is the Melting point of Manganese?

Q10. Write the Isotopes of Manganese.

Q11. Show Electronic configuration of Manganese.

Q12. Write Electronic Structure of Manganese.

Q13. What is the Valency of Manganese?

Q14. Write the uses of Manganese element.

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