Management of Business Class 9 Notes Karnataka Board

Management of Business Class 9 Notes

Here in this post we provided Management of Business Notes Karnataka Board Class 9. All Questions Answer are Very Important. Students who are searching for Management of Business Notes can follow this post.

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Q.1 Multiple Choice Questions

1.) Work has to be divided among the ____.

(a) Employees (b) workers (c) labours

2.) The ___required by the superiors should be clear and fair .

(a) Authority (b) discipline (c) responsibility

3.) This is the principles that an employee should receive orders from one superior only .

(a) Unity of command (b) discipline (c) Unity of direction

4 .) ____must assure security of job to the personnel .

(a) Arrangement (b) judgement (c) Management

5 .) ___is one of the key satisfactions.

(a) The initiative (b) The discipline (c) Equity

Answers Keys :

1.) (a) 2.(b) 3.(a) 4.(c) 5.(a)

Q.2.Answer the following questions

1.) What is Management ?

Ans: Management is a distinct process consisting of planning , organizing , actuating and controlling performance to determine and accomplish in objectives by the use of people and resources .

2.) What is the staffing function of management ?

Ans: It is the function concerned with the recruitment , selection, placement , training ,growth and development of all members of the organization .

3.) What is Co-ordination ?

Ans: It is harmonious blending of the activities of the different departments for achievement of the desired goals .It is the arrangement of group efforts to provide unity of actions in the pursuit of common purpose .

4 . What is Decision making ?

Ans: Decision making is the mental process, resulting in the selection of a course of action among several activities.

5 .) Which are importantly elements of Decision making ?

Ans: There are some elements of decision making which helps in business concern and organization it can be seen profits as follows .

1.) Establishing goals 2.) Defining tasks. 3.) Searching for alternative.4.Rational thinking and reasoning .5.) Developing plans.6.) Situations.7.) Evalution.

6.) Whom does the division of work lead to?

Ans: The division of work leads to specialization and efficiency. It reduces the wastage and grows the production and profit.

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