Maharashtra Bridge Course Class 9 Science & Technology Solution

Maharashtra Bridge Course Class 9 Science & Technology Pre Test PDF All Question and Solution by Expert Teacher. Bridge Course Class 9 Science & Technology PDF Download for Marathi Medium, English Medium Students.

State Council of Educational Research and Training, Maharashtra, Pune 30

Preparatory Bridge Course : Pre – Test

Class: IX

Subject: Science and Technology


1) Tell me who I am?

(1) In an electric circuit, electrons in the wire flow due to me.

(2) I make iron screws stick to the magnet.

(3) I have characteristics of both metal and nonmetal.


Q.2.) Which type of mixture is lemon sherbet? Write down the components in it.


Q.3) Complete the food – chain.

Grass Grasshopper ——————–     —————-


Q.4) Read the paragraph and write the answers to the questions.

Rajiv is a six – year old boy who lives in a village with his family. His father works in a factory. The father has been coughing for more than two weeks and is now bleeding in his sputum and also has lost weight.

(1) Which disease Rajiv’s father may have?

(2) What will you do to help Rajiv’s parents in such a situation?


Q.5) Give two examples of each.

(a) Substances that can be degraded naturally.

(b) Media through which the sound can pass.

(c) Substances that cannot be degraded naturally.


Q.6) Classify the following organisms in groups Protozoa and Fungi.

Penicillium, Amoeba, Paramecium, Agaricus

Protozoa Fungi


Q.7) Complete the table.

Sr. No. Example Type of Inertia
1 If we stop pedaling then also the Cycle remains in motion,
2 The stone does not change its position.


Q.8) Observe the given diagrams and answer the following question.

(a) The manmade materials are shown in the diagram. What effects can they have on the environment?

(b) What preventive measures can we take to avoid the ill effects?


Q.9) Observe the following diagram and write the answer.

(a) Identify the element. _____________

(b) How many electrons are there ? _____________

(c) Name the second shell of the atom. _____________

(d) How many electrons are there in this shell ? _____________


Q.10.) The following diagram shows the experiment of pressure exerted on an object. What will you conclude from this experiment?

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