Maharashtra Bridge Course Class 8 English Solution

Maharashtra Bridge Course Class 8 English Pre Test PDF All Question and Solution by Expert Teacher. Bridge Course Class 8 English PDF Download for Marathi Medium, English Medium Students.

English Bridge Course (Pre Test )

Session -2022-23

Subject: English


Q.1.) Do as directed. (Tick the correct answer) 

1.) Use proper sufix to make the adjective form of the word ‘care’

a. ly –

b. less –

c. tion –


2.) Chose the correct synonym of the word ‘consent’

a. permission

b. disagreement

c. refusal


3.) Fill in the blanks with correct predicate.

Green books of the library ____________________,

a. are lying on the table.

b. has no cover.

c. was kept in the shelf.


4.) You will use this to find meanings of new words.

a. calendar

b. photo album

c. dictionary


5.) I ___________ be there before 8 p.m. to attend the seminar.

( use modal auxiliary of compulsion)


b. would



6.) Choose polite request from the following sentences.

a. Would you please mail that form to me?

b. You should mail me before leaving.

c. She ought to complete the assignment today.


7.) Identify the proper noun in the given sentence.

The pilgrims would like to visit Pandhanpur.

a. pilgrims


c. the


8.) The flock of birds flew with the hunter’s trap.

(Identify the form of noun of the underlined sentence.)

a. abstract noun

b. common noun

c. collective noun


9. Use proper preposition.

My cat is sleeping ____________ the table.

a. under

b. between

c. into


10. Identify the indirect object.

The team brought a trophy to school.

a. team

b. school

c. trophy


Q.2 Fill in the blanks: 

1] My father——–to gym every day. (go,goes)

2] I —— reading detective stories. (like,likes)

3] —– he go to school? (do, does)

4] My sister — her teeth twice a day. (brushes, brush)


Q.3.) Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions:

Drongos are famous for their courage. A drongo will never allow any bird that eats eggs to come near its nest. It fearlessly attacks birds bigger than itself, such as crows, hawks and even eagles if they dare come into its territory. Less aggressive birds like the oriole feel safe if they have a drongo as a neighbour. So one can often find an oriole’s nest in close proximity to that of a drongo’s. In some parts of India, the black drongo is known as kotwal. The black drongo is also known as king crow. Drongos feed on insects and flower necter.

1.) What are the drongos famous for?

2.) Name the birds mentioned in this passage.

3.) What does a drongo feed on?

4.) By what other names is a drongo known as?

5.) Suggest a suitable ‘Title’ for the passage.


Q.4.) Read the story and change it into a dialogue form. Suggest a suitable title:

Once upon a time, in a desert far away, there was a rose who was so proud of her beautiful looks. Her only complaint was growing next to an ugly cactus. Every day, the beautiful rose would insult the cactus on his looks, all while the cactus remained quiet. One scorching summer, the desert became dry, and there was no water left for the plants. The rose quickly began to fade. Her beautiful petals dried up, losing their lush color. Looking at the cactus, she saw a sparrow dip his beak into the cactus to drink some water. Though ashamed, the rose asked the cactus if she could have some water. The kind cactus readily agreed, helping them both through the tough summer, as friends.


Proud rose: How beautiful ………..! Look at this…… it’s so ugly. My petals are soft and ………..But this ugly cactus has ….. all over its body. I don’t like him.

Cactus: Dear friend rose, why do you…… me. I may not have soft petals like you but does it mean
I’m not at all……

Proud rose: I don’t want to talk…. . This summer is so ….. I’m worried. My…..have started ……..
Oh! What do I see? One sparrow is dipping its beak into the ugly……. And it’s sipping water from it.
Doesn’t it hurt….?

Cactus: It does hurt a little still I’m happy because I’m able to help this……..

Proud rose: I’m sorry cactus. I’m ashamed of……. I’ve understood my…….. You are a helpful friend. Please forgive me. I’ll never……..


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