Maharashtra Board Class 9 Geography Chapter 9 Trade Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 9 Geography Solution Chapter 9 – Trade

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 9 Geography Solution Chapter 9: Trade. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 9 get here Trade full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 9

Geography Solution



Q 1. Classify the trade taking place between following regions :

(A) Maharashtra and Punjab- Domestic Trade

(B) India and Japan- Bilateral International Trade

(C) Lasalgaon and Pune- Local Trade

(D) China and Canada- Bilateral International Trade

(E) India and European Union- Multilateral International Trade

Q 2. Write the correct word- Import or Export- for the following:

(A) India buys crude oil from the Middle-East Asian countries.-Import

(B) Wheat is sent to Asian countries from Canada.-Export

(C) Japan sends machine parts to APEC countries.-Import

Q 3. Correct and rewrite the wrong statements :

(A)  India is a self-sufficient country. (Wrong)  India is not a self-sufficient country.

(B)  The place where there is excess production does not have demand for  those products.(Correct)

(C)  International trade processes are easier than local trade.  (Wrong)-International trade processes are more complex than local trade

(D)  SAARC works towards economic development and enhancing the social and cultural harmony of the South-   East Asian countries.-(Correct)

Q 4. Identify and write the type of trade:

(A)  Srushti brought sugar from the grocery  shop. –Visible Trade

(B)  The traders from Surat bought cotton from the farmers of Maharashtra. –  Wholesale Trade

(C)  Sameer has exported pomegranates from his farms to Australia. -International Trade

(D)  Sadabhau bought 10 sacks of wheat and 5 sacks of rice from Market Yard for selling in his own shop.- Retail Trade

Q 5. Write answers in short: 

(A) Create a flowchart showing the types of trade.


(B)  Explain the difference in types of balances of trade.

Ans) There are three types of balances of trade-

  1. ‘unfavourable balance of trade.’- The value of imports is more than the value of exports.
  2. ‘favourable balance of trade’- The value of exports is more than the value of imports.
  3. ‘balanced balance of trade’- the value of exports and imports is almost the same.

(C)  State the objectives of WTO. 

Ans) The objectives of WTO-

  1. To provide platform for negotiations in international trade
  2. To handle the differences related to trade
  3. Monitor the trade policies of member states
  4. Providing technological assistance and training to developing countries

(D)  What is the difference between the OPEC and APEC in terms of their functions?

Ans) OPEC is Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries and APEC is Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. OPEC has 13 members and APEC has 21 members. OPEC has it’s headquarter in Vienna (Austria) and APEC has it’s headquarter in Singapore. OPEC is responsible for controlling the rates and the international trade of crude oil. APEC is responsible for free trade and economic cooperation in Asia-Pacific Ocean region. OPEC  maintainconsensus in oil export and APEC promotes regional and technical cooperation among members.

 (E)  Write the functions of the important   trade organisations in Asia.

Ans) Functions of the important trade organisations in Asia are-

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)-

1. APEC is responsible for free trade and economic cooperation in Asia-Pacific Ocean region.

2. APEC promotes regional and technical cooperation among members.

Association of South-East Asian nations (ASEAN)-

  1. Promoting regional peace and tax waivers for trade growth in member states.
  2. Expand Social and cultural harmony along with economic growth in SE Asian countries.

South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)-

  1. Removing unrest and finding satisfactory solutions to the common problems of the South Asian Countries.
  2. Increasing social welfare, raising the living standard and increasing regional cooperation among member states.

 (F) What is the importance of marketing from farmers ‘point of view’?

Ans) Marketing is very much needed for agricultural products. Through marketingthe production can be distributed all at once on a large scale and the product can reach a large number of consumers.Which is very helpful for farmers.

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