Maharashtra Board Class 9 Geography Chapter 12 Tourism Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 9 Geography Solution Chapter 12 – Tourism

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 9 Geography Solution Chapter 12: Tourism. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 9 get here Tourism full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 9

Geography Solution



Q 1 Identify the type of tourism from the statement.

(A) Hemant Kumar went to Mexico to  learn about the architectural skills  of the Mayan culture –Cultural tourism

(B) Portuguese tourists had come to  Goa to participate in the Goa Carnival.- Cultural tourism

 (C) To seek treatment in a naturopathy  centre, John and Amar went to  Kerala.- Medical tourism

(D) Pundalikrao accomplished the  CharDhamYatra with his family- Religious tourism

(E) Rameshwari from Pune went to  enjoyHurda ( Roasted Grain)  party and learn about modern and  traditional methods of agriculture- Agri tourism

(F) Sayyed family went to Ajmer-Religious tourism

Q 2 Match the columns identifying the correlation. Make a chain. 

Group ‘ A’— Group ‘B’  — Group ‘ C’

(1) Tadoba — Chandrapur                    —                                             Tiger

(2) Bird Sancturay —  Nannaj — Great Indian Bustard (Maaldhok

(3) Sanjay Gandhi National Park —  Mumbai —  Kanheri Caves

(4) Taj Mahal —  Agra —  World famous wonder

(5)  Ramoji Film City —  Hyderabad —  Film city

(6) Radhanagari —  Kolhapur —  Bison

(7) Bimbetka —  Madhya Pradesh —  Ancient cave-paintings

(8) Ancient Caves —  Ellora —  Kailash caves

(9) Eaglenest wildlife Sanctuary —  Arunachal Pradesh —  Butterflies

(10) Loktak — Manipur                                         —             Lake

Q 3 Answer in brief.

1) Differentiate between religious and cultural tourism.

Ans) Tourism based on religious purpose or pilgrimage and tourist’s spots situated around the holy religious places are called religious tourism.

Tourism based on cultural factors and people move from one place to another to know different cultures and quest their cravings for knowledge is called cultural tourism.

2) What are the objectives of tourism?

Ans) The objectives of tourism are-

  1. It is an important tertiary occupation, through which the world gets introduced to a region’s natural, social, cultural environment.
  2. Tourism foreign currency increases in economy.
  3. Availability of employment opportunities to local people.

3) Explain the environmental effects of tourism.

Ans) The concept of eco-friendly tourism is good for environmental development. This concept came into light when it was realised that due to increasing population, pollution and urbanisation, environment is degrading. Tourism also develops the natural environment by developing natural locations, sanctuaries, national parks, etc. Considering the matter of Environmental development, housing, resorts, traffic routes, etc. are also designing in an eco-friendly manner. Economic investment, judicious use of electricity and water, concept of recycle and reuse are the environment friendly programmes, helping to develop the tourism too.

4) What opportunities develop with development of tourism?

Ans)Tourism is an important factor for the economic development as it gives employment opportunities to local people. Moreover due to tourism different types of business opportunities like hotel business, transport ,local hand made things etc. got flourished.

5) Suggest measures after explaining the problems arising at the tourist places.

Ans) Suggestive measures for the problems arising at the tourist places-

  1. Different awareness programmes should be implemented.
  2. Eco-friendly decisions should be taken by the Government to prevent pollutions.
  3. Strict written guidelines should be given for the tourists and authority should be employed to take care of it.

6) Local people get employment due to tourism. Give reasons.

Ans) Local people are getting employed due to tourism in different sectors like hotels, transport services, as a tourist guides etc. Again many people are getting the chance to involve themselves in different kinds of business, including local hand made products, local famous products etc.

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