Maharashtra Board Class 9 Geography Chapter 11 Transport and Communication Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 9 Geography Solution Chapter 11 – Transport and Communication

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 9 Geography Solution Chapter 11: Transport and Communication. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 9 get here Transport and Communication full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 9

Geography Solution


Transport and Communication

Q 1. Differentiate between:

(A) Railways and roadways

Ans) Railway transport can cause less pollution than road way transport. Railway transports can cover more distance easily with more goods and people than roadway transport. Railway transports are more comfortable but can’t give door to door service like roadway transports.

(B) Transportation and communication

Ans) Transportation is a basic infrastructure. Development of transportation infrastructure is an indicator of the development of the country or that region. Like transportation, communication is also a basic infrastructure to exchange of information.

 (C) Conventional and modern means of communication.

Ans) Conventional means of communication are old type of communications like Newspapers, Radio, Letter, Television etc. But modern age, man-made satellites are an important and effective means of communication. The exchange of messages through mobiles, watching programmes on TV, getting updated information regarding climatic conditions, etc. is possible simultaneously through manmade satellites.

Q 2. Answer in detail :

(1) ‘Newspapers are used for communication’. Explain the statement.

Ans)‘Newspapers are used for communication’. Different types of worldwide news with local and national we can get through newspapers in different languages. More over common people can express their views in the editorial section through newspapers.

(2) Explain how T.V. is a cheap means of communication.

Ans) T.V. is a cheap means of communication as everyone can get all types of news , information through television in audio visual ways. As video is also available along with audio people can get more interests on it.

(3) What types of communications can be done through mobiles ?

Ans) Calling, video calling, SMS, Money transfer ect can be done through mobiles.

Q 3. Name them on the basis of the given information:

(1) Five cities with airways services in  Maharashtra –

Ans) Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Kolhapur, Aurangabad, Nashik and Nanded.

(2) Services available in post offices

*Mail services along with speed post, courier, postal service and financial services along with savings scheme etc.

(4) Ports along the coast of Maharashtra

Ans) Malvan,Venture,Vasai, Dahanu, Gharapuri


Ans) Postal services- Conventional means of communication-Speed post

Shivneri- Roadways- Comfortable journey

Internet- World network of connected computers-Exchange of information

RoRo transport-Railways- Energy, time and labour saving

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