Maharashtra Board Class 9 English Chapter 4.3 Intellectual Rubbish Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 9 English Solution Chapter 4.3 – Intellectual Rubbish

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 9 English Solution Chapter 4.3: Intellectual Rubbish. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 9 get here Intellectual Rubbish full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 9

English Solution


Intellectual Rubbish

Q.) What do you notice about the following pair of words?

  • Act naturally * Sound of silence
  • Original copy * Sweet sorrow
  • Liquid gas * Growing smaller
  • Only choice
  • Open secret

Ans.These pair of words are contradicting each other. Such pair of words are known as Oxymoron.

-Now try to add a contradictory word to the following:

a.) What a wonderful mess you’ve got us into.

b.) It’s agenuine imitation of a diamond necklace.

c.) My trip to Matheran was atiring holiday.

d.) With such heavy make-up, she looks prettyugly.

e.) A smallcrowd gathered to see the magic show.



Q.) What erroneous notion did Aristotle have? What does his example convey to you?

Ans. Aristotle had the idea that women have fewer teeth than men. He could have avoided this by self-observation.  So, self-observation is the key to make opinions.


Q.) How can you prevent developing a dogmatic attitude?

Ans: One can prevent of getting rid of dogmatism is by keeping proper knowledge of the different social circle in which you don’t belong to.


Q.) What do you feel when-

  1. a) Someone oppose your strong belief?

Ans: Generally I am annoyed or dumb founded and to some extent get angry when someone opposes my strong belief.

  1. b) Someone insists that 2+2=5?

Ans: 2+2=4 is a simple math which one can deduce from the addition. 2+2=5 is just a phrase, it cannot be proved.


Q.) What two examples does the writer give to those who have opinions that flatter their self-esteem?

Ans: According to the writer, if men do feel, that major number of scientist and poets are all male, then women can also say that most of criminals are also male.

Secondly, he talks of general human conceit. He says that we should be constantly reminded, that other part of the cosmos may have beings or creatures that are far superior than us.


Q.) What is the only way to tackle such self-pride?

Ans: The only way is to remind ourselves, that man is a brief episode in the life of a small planet, in a little corner of the universe and we ought to know,that the other part of the cosmos may contain beings who are far superior than us, as we are to jelly fish.


Q.) What two evils does fear lead to? How can one overcome fear?

Ans: The two evils fear lead toare superstitious and cruelty. One can overcome fear with wisdom and truth which lead to a worthy life.


Q.) What is the aim of primitive magic?

Ans: The aim of Primitive magic is to get safety by injuring enemies or by protecting oneself by magic spell or by charm.


Q.)  How did the prophet befool her believers?

Ans: Once the prophet announced her followers that she acquired the power of walking on water, she announced to do so at a fixed time on a fixed rate. She asked the assembled follower: “Do you all believe that I can walk on water?” when all said ‘Yes’ she said, “Then no need forme to do so.”



1.) The following expressions are a combination of a noun preceded by a describing word:

Ans: a) Fata mistakes – Silly mistakes, careless mistakes

b) Foreign customs – local customs, traditional custom

c) Unappetizing diet – healthy diet, balanced diet

d) Plentiful supply – regular supply, sufficient supply

e) Simple device – helpful device, safety device

f) Savage controversy – bitter controversy, raging controversy

g) Modern technique – new techniques, simple techniques

h) Foolish custom – Indian custom, ancient customs

3.) Answer of say why?

a) One should avoid getting angry about a difference of opinion.

Ans: One should avoid getting angry about a difference of opinion because if one gets angry, it will show that one’s belief is going beyond what the evidence states.


b) The writer found his stay abroad very profitable.

Ans: It is so because it helped him to become aware of foreign ideas and customs and diminish the intensity of his narrow provincial view point.


c) The writer grew less dogmatic and more open minded.

Ans: When the writer was young, he lived for some time outside his own country. He became aware of foreign customs and ideas. This made him grow less dogmatic and more open-minded. He was no more an isolated person.


d) Men declaring that they are saints. Write letters to the writer.

Ans: The writer is a celebrity person, so the so called saints want the writer to mention them in his lectures and writing their publicity. So they wrote letters to the writer.


e) The writer claims that all false beliefs need not to be replaced by cold science.

Ans: If all false beliefs replaced by cold science, the world would lore some of its interest and variety. The world would be void of hope and positivity.


6.) List the various ways of avoiding error mentioned in the passage:

Ans: The various way of avoiding error are:

1.) Make yourself aware of your (bias) or opinion

2.) The observations should be made by you

3.) Be on your guard when you find yourself getting angry on other’s different opinion.


7.) Answer the following questions:

a) If an opinion contrary to your own makes you angry, what does it indicate?

Ans: If any contrary opinion makes me angry it indicates that I am subconsciously aware of having no good reason for thinking as I do. I don’t have proper evidence to prove my opinion.

b) What are the most savage controversies about?

Ans: The most savage controversies are about those matters as to which there is no good evidence either way.

c) What are the benefits of travel?

Ans: Travelling helps you to become aware of foreign ideas and customs you beginto accept them and get rid of your own narrow outlook.


d) Is the influence of foreign customs always beneficial?

Ans: No, not always. The foreign influence of their customs can be harmful also and we must be careful while following the foreign customs.

e) What are the advantages of an imaginary argument with a person having different bias?

Ans: Any person can have this argument at any time and any place. The advantage of an imaginary argument with a person having a different opinion is that it is not subject to the limitations of time and space.

Q.) Why should one be wary of opinions that flatter one’s self-esteem?

Ans: One should be wary of opinions that flatter one’s self-esteem as there may be with many evidence to prove one’s opinion wrong.

Q.) How does fear lead us to error?

Ans: It’s true that fear leads us to do disastrous decision making like inventing rumors of in wartime, imagining objects of terror, like the elixir of life or heaven  or ghost or hell.

Q.) Write down the way of avoiding error mentioned in the passage.

Ans: The way of avoiding error mentioned in the passage is to try to conquer fear or to be immune to it.

Q.) What is the meaning of intellectual rubbish?

Ans: The writer uses this oxymoron phrase to explain all false beliefs, ideas and customs. People follow these customs & ideas without knowing their validity. Sometimes, these beliefs and customs lead us to suffering.

Q.) Find the opposites of the following:

Ans: Cautions – Reckless

Dogmatic – Open minded, broad minded

Contrary – Same

Beneficial – Harmful

Reasonable – Unreasonable

Hypothetical – Real

Cruelty – Compassion

Immune – Vulnerable/ Resistance.

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