Maharashtra Board Class 9 English Chapter 1.1 Life Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 9 English Solution Chapter 1.1 – Life

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 9 English Solution Chapter 1.1: Life. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 9 get here Life full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 9

English Solution



(1) There are many popular lines like: –

l ‘Life is a game – play it well’.

l ‘Life is a journey- keep going ahead’.

Discuss and write down a few such metaphorical lines about ‘life’. You can make them up yourselves.

Ans: –

(1) Life is a journey enjoy it

(2) Life is not a bed of roses

(3) Life is a beautiful melody feel

(4) Life is a task accomplish it

(5 Life is a never ending journey.

(2) Prepare as many ‘acrostics’ using the word LIFE, as you can. Two examples are given below.

L ive                       L iberty

I n                           I ntegrity

F reedom            F raternity

E ver                      E quality

Ans: – L ovely     L ireliness

I ntelligent          I nterralise

F aith                     F ortune

E nosmous          E nergy

L ove                     L augh

I nfinite                                I magine

F ascination       F reedom

E explore             E xperience

(3) Listen carefully and write the word in the appropriate column.

Ans: –

Positive feeling Negative Feelings
Hopeful, enthusiastic

Happy, motivated

Surprised, inspired



















(4) Note that it is possible to feel both kinds of emotions at the same time. Have you experienced it ? Try to describe the situation in short.

Ans: – It is possible to experience two feeling in emotions at a some time it is the human psychology which gives birth to such mined feelings the feelings I experienced were my mother was very sick at a point of time. I was happy and overwhelmed thinking I could care and pamper her, but on the next movement I would feel my mother is growing old and week which made me extremely emotional at that time.

(Q1) What do the sage say?

Ans: – The sages say that life is not a dream as sages say.

(Q2) What does the rain often foretell?

Ans: – The rain fortille is symbolizes sorrow and hopelessness. The live symbolize that sorrow and despair gives birth to a hope of joy and happiness.

(Q3) What should we do during joyful times in life?

Ans: – We should enjoy the joyful time we spend in our lives and stay strong and grow confidence to overcome the bad days as well with the same spirit.

(Q4) Who does ‘our Best’ refer to?

Ans: – ‘Our best’ refers to the best a person can give in any circumstance of life be it good or bad.

(Q5) Why are the wings of hope ‘golden’?

Ans: – The wings of hope are golden because it has optimism and positively in it the hope in a person’s heart always brings victory making you firm and strong.

(1) Pick out from the poem, two lines each that reflect an optimistic (positive) attitude and pessimistic (negative) attitude.


(1) If the shower will make the roses bloom why lament its feel.

(2) Life’s sunny hours flit by gratefully, cheerfully, enjoy them as they fly.


(1) Rapidly, merrily, life’s sunny hours flit by

(2) What through death at times step in and cells our best away.

(Q2) Give other ‘-ly’ adverbs of similar meaning for the following.

(a) rapidly            – very quickly

(b) merrily           – cheerfully

(c) gratefully      – appreciatively

(d) cheerily         – merrily

(e) manfully       – bravely

(f) fearlessly       – bravely

(g) gloriously      – impressively

(h) victoriously  – flourishingly

(Q1) Pick out three examples of interrogation (rhetorical questions) from the poem.

(a) Explain in your own words the point that each one makes.


(1) Life believer is not a dream, so dark as sages say.

(1) Life as believed by most people is not as a dark dream. The dark dreams lead to bright and beautiful mornings as well.

(2) oft a little morning rain, fortells a pleasant day

(2) The morning rain here symbolizes sorrow and pain. The morning rain can bring glowminess but it also leads to a beautiful sunny day which symbolizes optimism and positivity.

(3) Llaconquered though she feel, still buoyant are her golden wings.

(3) The lives symbolize that a person might sometimes fail is loose hope but the golden wings of determination will lit are fly high leaving behind the sorrow and despair.

(b) Explain the metaphor in the following lines:

(1) Oft a little morning rain Foretells a pleasant day

Ans: – The morning rain metaphors sorrow and despair the sorrow despair should not led a person down because staying strong brings back the joyful times. As rain is followed by a pleasant day sorrow and despair is followed by happiness and positivity.

(2) Sometimes there are clouds

Ans: – The cloud here metaphors to the difficult times are has in this life.

(3) … the shower will make the roses bloom

Ans: – The difficulties here metaphors as shows. The difficulties in our life makes us stranger and firmer. The difficulties only help us to bring the positive side of a person hence bringing good time which metaphors as blooming rose.

(4) Life’s sunny hours flit by

Ans: – The happy and glorious times of our pass out very quickly. The sunny here metaphors happy times.

(c) Pick out four examples of personification. Write what is personified in each:

Ans: –

(1) What though death at times step in – Death is personified.

(2) Yet hope again elastic springs Hope is personified.

(3) What though sorrow seems to win sorrow is personified.

(4) You gloriously, victoriously, can courage quell despair.

(4) ‘….. and that’s how I realised that courage and hope can help me overcome any major mishap/problem in life.’ Write an episode / experience from your own life that leads to the above conclusion.

Ans: – This particular incident of my life is an unforgettable experience. My mother got very sick and completely bed-ridden after an accident. I should see her becoming weak mentally and physically. After constant breaking down into tears I could finally gather some courage that with constant care and love my mother could overcome the crisis. The courage and determination I had in me help me overcome the mishap. My mother then completely healed from the experience both mentally and physically, which was like the biggest happiness I would urge for.

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