Maharashtra Board Class 9 Civics Chapter 6 International Problems Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 9 Civics Solution Chapter 6 – International Problems

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 9 Civics Solution Chapter 6: International Problems. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 9 get here International Problems full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 9

History and Political Science Solution


International Problems

1.) Choose the correct option from the given options and complete the statements.

 (1) Which among the following is an international problem ?

(a) Border dispute between Maharashtra and Karnataka   (b) Kaveri water sharing question

(c) Problems of refugees  (d) Naxalism in Andhra Pradesh

Ans)(c) Problems of refugees

(2) Which among the following rights are not included in human rights ?

(a) Right to work  (b) Right to information  (c) Children’s rights  (d) Equal pay for equal work

Ans)(b) Right to information

 (3) Which among the following days is observed on an international level ?

(a) Teachers’ Day  (b) Children’s Day  (c) Earth Day  (d) Flag Day 2. State whether the following

Ans)(c) Earth Day

2.) State whether the following statements are true or false. Give reasons for your answer.

(1) It is necessary that all the nations should cooperate in order to find remedies on environmental degradation.  (T)

(2) Sino-Indian relations are friendly (F)

Sino-India relations are not friendly. They have conflicts regarding Macmohan line and Aksai Chin area.

3.) Explain the following concepts.

(1)  Human Rights

Ans) human rights are another name of Natural rights as they are necessary for living as a human being and as a constituent of society. To understand the idea properly a democratic form of government is essential. The American and the French Revolutions proclaimed Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Justice as Human rights. But after this idea European nations adopted democratic constitutions and governments. Human rights include the important rights to life, food, clothing, shelter, education and health. Today it is also the goal of Human Rights toprotect environment and sustainable development.

(2) Degradation of the Environment

Ans) Industrialisation, increasing need for energy, Chemical fertilisers and pesticides used in agriculture, sound pollution due to vehicles, radiation from nuclear reactors, oil leakages or leakages of chemical gases are the several causes for the degradation of the Environment. Due to this we are regularly witnessing extinction of species of plants and animals, decrease in the fertility of soil, water shortage, fluctuation in the proportion of rainfall, global warming, drying up of rivers and lakes, pollution of rivers and seas, incidence of newer diseases, acid rain, thinning of the ozone layer, etc.So it is very much necessary for all the nations to come together and act with each other’s consent and cooperation in order to deal with these effects.

(3) Terrorism

Ans) Terrorism is organised and planned violence. It spreads fear and terror in a society by using violence and by threatening common and innocent people for achieving political goals. Terrorist conflict is different from traditional war. Here terrorist groups cause violence to challenge a regime in a country or refuse to acknowledge the existence of the State.

5.) Answer in brief.

(1) Explain India’s position in establishing human rights.

Ans) The Human Rights Protection Act was passed in the year 1993. According to Indian Constitution it comes under Fundamental Rights. It is its responsibility to protect the rights of the weaker sections like women and minorities.Again Human Rights Commission is bound to take immediate steps against the complaints regarding violation of human rights. There are two Human Rights Commissions National Human Rights Commission and the State Human Rights Commissions.

(2) Narrate the effects of terrorism and suggest remedies to control it.

Ans) Terrorism is terror in a society as it uses threats by  using violence against common and innocent people. It has made a deep and long term impact on international politics. Due to increasing terrorism, the internal security of a country is threatening in addition to its external security. To stop terrorism the security mechanisms of different nations should work in a concerted manner.

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