Maharashtra Board Class 9 Civics Chapter 4 The United Nations (UN) Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 9 Civics Solution Chapter 4 – The United Nations (UN)

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 9 Civics Solution Chapter 4: The United Nations (UN). Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 9 get here The United Nations (UN) full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 9

History and Political Science Solution


The United Nations (UN)

1.) Choose the correct option from the given options and complete the statements.

(1) This country is not a permanent member of United Nations Security Council  

(a) America (b) Russia  (c) Germany (d) China

Ans)(c) Germany

(2) This international organisation conducts workshops in India on   remedial measures to tackle the problem of malnutrition among children  

(a) UNICEF   (b) UNESCO  (c) Trusteeship Council  (d) Redcross

Ans) (a) UNICEF

(3) The number of members of the United Nations  

(a) 190 (b) 193  (c) 198 (d) 199

Ans)(b) 193

2.) State whether the following statements are true or false. Give reasons for your answer.

(1) The United Nations General Assembly is a platform to discuss global problems.(T)

(2) The status of all the member nations of the United Nations is not equal.(F)

Ans)The status of all the member nations of the United Nations is equal. There is no discrimination on the grounds of geographical location, economy, monetary status etc.

(3) A resolution can be passed even if China exercises its veto power. (F)

Ans)A resolution can be passed by taking the assent from all permanent members.

(4) India has played a major role in the work of the United Nations.(T)

Explain the following concepts.

(1) Veto

Ans) Out of 15 members 5 members work as a permanent member of Security Council. They are America, Russia, England, France and China. While taking a decision they have the veto power where they have to give their assent. The assent of all five permanent members and four non-permanent members is necessary. If even one of the five permanent members uses his veto i.e. gives a negative vote, the decision cannot be taken.


Ans)) UNICEF works for the beneficiary of children. It provides nutritious food, health care facilities and also looks after the health of children. It is an affiliated organisation of the United Nations.

Answer in brief.

(1) Write the reasons for the establishment of the United Nations. 

Ans)The United Nations was established to maintain World peace after Second World War. After First World War the League of Nations did not succeed at all. It was the collective responsibility of all nations to save the world from the destructive effects of wars and nuclear weapons. The United Nation was established to serve this purpose.

(2) What is the role of the Peacekeeping Forces of the United Nations.

Ans) The role of the Peacekeeping Forces of the United Nations is to bring permanent peace in strife-torn areas or conflictridden areas. It helps these areas to progress towards peace by providing security.

(3) Write the objectives of the United Nations.

Ans) The objectives of the United Nations are-

  1. To prevail friendly relations among the world.
  2. To solve all problems and international disputes of the world. By doing so it is the duty of United Nation to spread peace.
  3. It works as a safeguard of human rights and freedom.

The United Nations is the world’s largest international organisation with 193 members. It also enhances economic cooperation among all the countries.

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