Maharashtra Board Class 8 Science Chapter 2 Health and Diseases Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 8 Science Solution Chapter 2 – Health and Diseases

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 8 Science Solution Chapter 2: Health and Diseases. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 8 get here Health and Diseases full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 8


General Science Solution


Health and Diseases

Exercise Solution

(1.) Distinguish between- Infectious and noninfectious diseases.

Infectious diseases Noninfectious diseases
(i) It is transmitted through direct contact or through medium. (i) It is not transmitted through direct contact or through medium except in medium hereditary diseases where it occurs from parent offspring.
(ii) These are occur due to external factors. (ii) These generally occur due to internal factors.
(iii) These are cause by the attack of pathogens. (iii) These are caused by the factors other than living pathogens.

(2.) Identify the odd term.

a.) Malaria, hepatitis, elephantiasis, dengue.

b.) Plague, AIDS, cholera, T.B.

Ans. The odd term –

(a) elephantiasis

(b) AIDS

(3.) Answer in one to two sentences.

a.) Which are various media of spreading the infectious diseases?

Ans. Air, Water, Food or Vactors.

b.) Give the names of five non-infectious diseases other than given in the lesson.

Ans. Parkinson’s disease, Autoimmune disease, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Stroke.

c.) Which are the main reasons of diabetes and heart diseases?

Ans. High blood glucose from diabetes can change your blood vessels & the nerves that control your heart & blood vessels.

(4.) What can be achieved / can be prevented?

a.) Drinking boiled and filtered water.

Ans. Hepatitis.

b.) Avoiding smoking and alcoholism.

Ans. heart diseases.

c.) Regular balanced diet and exercise.

Ans. Diabetes.

d.) Proper checking of blood before blood donation.

Ans. AIDS.

(5.) Read the passage and answer the questions.

Master ‘X’ is a 3 year old child. He is living with his family in a slum. Public toilet is present near his house. His father is drunkard. His mother does not know the importance of balanced diet.

a.) Master ‘X’ can suffer from which different possible diseases in above conditions?

Ans. Master ‘X’ can suffer Dengue, Dysentery, Cholera, Typhoid.

b.) How will you help him and his family in this situation?

Ans. We should help him & his family to inform how to maintain proper diet & advise to make a personal toilet for their family only.

c.) Which disease can occur to the father of master ‘X’?

Ans. Heart disease, diabetes, Cancer can occur to the father of master ‘X’.

(6) Give the preventive measures of following diseases.

a.) Dengue. b.) Cancer. c.) AIDS.

Ans. (a) Preventive measure of Dengue-

(i) Wear long sleeve shirts & long pants.

(ii) Use EPA- registered mosquito repellent like DEET.

(iii) Treat clothes with repellents like permethrin.

(iv) Consider using mosquito netting.

b.) Preventive measure of Cancer:-

(i) Dinr use tobacco.

(ii) Protect your skin from sun.

(iii) Eat healthy diet & maintain healthy weight.

(iv) Get immunized.

c.) Preventive measure of HIV:-

(i) Get tested & know your partners HIV status.

(ii) Choose less risky sexual behavior.

(iii) Limit your number of sexual partners.

7.) Explain the importance.

a.) Balanced diet.

b.) Physical exercise / Yogasanas.

Ans. (a) Balanced diet:- A balance diet is one that gives your body  the nutrients it needs to function correctly. To get the proper nutrition from your diet, you should consume the majority of your daily calories in: Fresh fruits, Fresh vegetables, Whole grains, Legumes, Nuts.

(b) Physical exercise / Yogasanas : Exercise or Yoga is group of physical & spritual practices or disciplines. Yoga asanas is originated in ancient India. There are lots of benefits of these –

(i) Increase flexibility.

(ii) Increase muscle strength & tone.

(iii) improve respiration, energy & vitality.

(iv) weight reduction & gain.

(v) protection from injury.

8.) Make a list.

a.) Viral diseases.

b.) Bacterial diseases.

c.) Diseases spread through insects.

d.) Hereditary diseases.

Ans. a.) Viral diseases:- Chickenpox, Flu, Herpes, Corona.

b.) Bacterial disease:- Tuberculosis, Plaque, Syphilis.

c.) Disease spread through insect:- Malaria, Dengue.

d.) Hereditary diseases:- Anemia, hemochromatosis.

(9.) Write the information on modern diagnostics and treatments of cancer.

Ans. Cancer can be treated by surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapy & Synthetic lethality.

(10.) Enlist the names and composition of the medicines present at your home.


The name of medicine

Composition of the medicines

Aciloc RD

Omeprazole 20 MG

Domperidone 10MG


Ofloxacin & Ornidazole
Cetirizine 10 mg

Cetirizine Hydrochloride


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