Maharashtra Board Class 8 Science Chapter 10 Cell and Cell Organelles Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 8 Science Solution Chapter 10 – Cell and Cell Organelles

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 8 Science Solution Chapter 10: Cell and Cell Organelles. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 8 get here Cell and Cell Organelles full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 8

General Science Solution


Cell and Cell Organelles

(1.) Who am I ?

(a.) I am ATP producing factory.

Ans. Mitocondria.

(b.) I am single layered, but maintain cellular osmotic pressure.

Ans. Vacuoles.

(c.) I support the cell, but I am not cell wall.

I have a body resembling net.

Ans. Plasma Membrane.

(d.) I am chemical factory of the cell.

ans. Chloroplast.

(e.) Leaves are green because of me.

ans. Chlorophyll.

(2) (a) If mitochondria present in RBCs it would lack most of its primary functional & structural elements. As a result the redundant mitocondriya would be spotted & successfully destroyed via mitophagy & most of oxygen carried would be utilised for the cellular respiration that occurs in mitochondria.

(b) (i) Both contain DNA & RNA.

(ii) Both make their own copies by division.

(iii) Both are cell organelles.

(iv) Both are bounded by double membrane.

(3.) (a) There Nucleolus is odd out.

because Nucleolus is not bounded by any membrance whereas other organells are bounded by their members.

(b.) There odd one is Chlorophyll.

DNA & Ribosoms are presents in out body. But Chlorophyll II is a cell organelle found in Photosynthetic plants.

(4) (a.) Plasma membrane

Ans. (i) It allow some substances to outer the cell, while prevents other substances.

(ii) Due to this property, useful molecules of water, salt & oxygen enter the cell & Carbon-Di-Oxide exits the cell.

(b.) Cytoplasm:-

Functions are –

(i) It stortes the molecules required for cellular process & is also responsible for giving the cell its shape.

ii) It is responsible for holding the components of the cell.

(c.) Lysosome

ans. Functions are –

i) It destroys viruses & bacteria which attack the cell.

ii) During starvation, Lysosome digest stored protiens fats.

iii) When a cell becomes old or is damaged, lysosomes burst & enzymes digest their own cells.

(d.) Vacuole

Ans. Functions are –

i) To maintain the osmotic pressure of the cell.

ii) To store metabolic by products & end products.

(e.) Nucleus

ans. Functions are –

i) It controls all metabolic activities of the cell & also the cell division.

ii) It is involved in the transmission of hereditary characters from parents to offsprings.

(5) (a) Red tomato – Lycopene.

(b) Green leaf – Chlorophyll II

(c) Carrot – Carotene

(d) Violet – Anthocyanin.

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