Maharashtra Board Class 8 Science Chapter 1 Living World and Classification of Microbes Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 8 Science Solution Chapter 1 – Living World and Classification of Microbes

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 8 Science Solution Chapter 1: Living World and Classification of Microbes. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 8 get here Living World and Classification of Microbes  full Exercise Solution.

Std Maharashtra Class 8
Subject General Science Solution
Chapter Living World and Classification of Microbes

Exercise Solution

(1) Use Whittaker method to classify bacteria, protozoa, fungi, algae, prokaryotic and eukaryotic microbes


(2.) Complete the five kingdom method of classification using- living organism, prokaryotes, eukaryotes, multicellular, unicellular, protista, animals, plants, fungi.


(3.) Find out my partner

Fungi Chlorella
Protozoa Bacteriophage
Virus Candida
Algae Amoeba
Bacteria Prokaryotic


Fungi – Candida
Protozoa – Amoeba
Virus – Prokaryotic
Algae – Chorella
Bacteria – Bactariophage.

(4.) State whether the following statements are true or false. Explain your statement.
a. Lactobacilli are harmful bacteria.

Ans. False
b. Cell wall of fungi is made up of chitin.

Ans. True
c. Organ of locomotion in amoeba is pseudopodia.

Ans. False
e. Tomato wilt is a viral disease.

Ans. True

5. Give answers.

a.) State the merits of Whittaker’s method of classification.

Ans. Whittaker’s Classification:

(i) It is not accepted modern classification system due to phylogenetic placing of different living organisms.

(ii) This system separation of prokeryotes into an independent kingdom is justified.

(iii) It gives a clear indication of cellular organization & model of nutrition.

b.) Write the characteristics of viruses.

Ans. Characteristics of Virus:

(i) Virus are extremely minute i.e. they are 10 to 100 time smaller than bacteria & can be seen only with electron microscope.

(ii) They are found in the form of independent particles.

(iii)They are long molecule of DNA to RNA covered by a protein coat.

(iv) Virus cause many disease to plants & Animals.

c.) Explain the nutrition in fungi.

Ans. Nutrition of Fungi:-

(i) The decompose dead organic matter. A saprotroph is an organism that obtains its nutrients from non living organic matter, usually dead & decaying plant or animal matter by absorbing soluble organic compounds.

(ii) They feed on living hosts. As parasitic fungi live in or the organisms and get their nutrients from their host.

(iii) They live on mutualistically with other organisms.

d.) Which living organisms are included in the kingdom monera?

Ans. Living organisms are included in the kingdom monera are single called, such as bacteria. They neither have a nucleus nor cell membrane. The organisms that are included in this Kingdom are prokaryotes. Kingdom Monera is divided into two groups i.e. Archaebacteria & Eubacteria.

6. Who am I ?

a.) I don’t have true nucleus, cell organelles or plasma membrane.

Ans. Monera.

b.) I have nucleus and membrane bound cell orgenelles.

Ans. Protista.

c.) I live on decaying organic matter.

Ans. Fungi.

d.) I reproduce mainly by cell division.

Ans. Protozoa.

e.) I can produce my replica.

Ans. Virus.

f.) I am green, but don’t have organs

Ans. Algae.


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