Maharashtra Board Class 8 Math Compound interest Chapter Practice Set 2 Solution

Maha Board (MSBHSE) Class 8 Math (गणित) Compound interest Practice Set 14.2 Solution (Page No. 93) in our website. Here candidates of Marathi Medium & English Medium of Maharashtra State can follow this to get Most Easy Solution of Maharashtra Board Class 8 Chapter 14: Compound interest (Practice Set 14.2).

Maharashtra Board Class 8 Math Practice Set 14.2 Solution | BalBharati Class 8 Mathematics Chapter 14 Solution:

Subject Mathematics (गणित)
Class 8 (८)
Chapter 14
Practice Set 14.2

Practice Set 14.2 Solution (Page No. 93)

(1) On the construction work of a flyover bridge there were 320 workers initially. The number of workers were increased by 25% every year. Find the number of workers after 2 years.

(2) A shepherd has 200 sheep with him. Find the number of sheeps with him after 3 years if the increase in number of sheeps is 8% every year.

(3) In a forest there are 40,000 trees. Find the expected number of trees after 3 years if the objective is to increase the number at the rate 5% per year.


(4) The cost price of a machine is 2,50,000. If the rate of depreciation is 10% per year find the depreciation in price of the machine after two years.

(5) Find the compound interest if the amount of a certain principal after two years is Rs. 4036.80 at the rate of 16 p.c.p.a.

(6) A loan of Rs. 15000 was taken on compound interest. If the rate of compound interest is 12 p.c.p.a. find the amount to settle the loan after 3 years.

(7) A principal amounts to Rs. 13924 in 2 years by compound interest at 18 p.c.p.a. Find the principal.


(8) The population of a suburb is 16000. Find the rate of increase in the population if the population after two years is 17640.


(9) In how many years Rs. 700 will amount to Rs. 847 at a compound interest rate of 10 p.c.p.a.


(10) .Find the difference between simple interest and compound interest on Rs. 20000 at 8 p.c.p.a.


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